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Why do people hate Max from ‘Stranger Things’?

Max Mayfield, the newest character to join the cast of Netflix’s hit show Stranger Things, has not been well-received by the show’s fans. While many viewers find her upbeat and spunky attitude endearing, many others seem to have a strong disdain for her presence on the show. So why is it that this seemingly innocuous character has become such a polarizing figure?

Why Do People Hate Stranger Things Character Max?

The answer may lie throughout the way Max’s introduction affects both existing characters and storylines in the show. By being introduced as an outsider to the group of friends which makes up the main cast of characters, Max serves as an immediate obstacle for them to overcome & bond over. Her arrival immediately sparks friction between her and Mike Wheeler, who was very close with Eleven.

This situation with Mike turned what was once a close friendship into a tense relationship of rivalry and jealousy. Secondly, many people feel that Max is a shallow caricature of a rebellious teen girl rather than a complex character with real emotion or motivations for her actions. She often comes off as brash & aloof when interacting with other characters which can be off-putting to some viewers. 

Her confrontational attitude also gives off an “I don’t care” vibe which some may interpret as arrogance or even self-righteousness.In addition, many fans are quick to point out that much of Max’s storyline revolves around her relationship with Lucas rather than anything else she does in the show. 

While relationships are important parts of teenage life, some argue that this type of romantic focus detracts from more meaningful story arcs featuring other characters like Steve Harrington or Joyce Byers. This criticism has led some people to believe that if it wasn’t for Lucas’s infatuation with her, Max would have little purpose within the series at all.

Lastly, fans point out that despite being around since season 2 of Stranger Things, we still know very little about Max as a person aside from her association with Lucas and occasional mischief-making antics. While this could be interpreted as clever storytelling used to keep us guessing about what will happen next in their relationship – it could also just be indicative of poor writing (or lack thereof).

So, while there may be no one single reason why people hate Max – there are certainly plenty of valid criticisms surrounding how she has been portrayed throughout the series thus far. Whether these issues can eventually be addressed through better writing remains to be seen but many fans remain cautiously optimistic that future episodes will have more substantial stories centered around everyone’s favorite disgruntled newbie!

As the world awaits the release of 'Stranger Things Season 4' we ponder the fate of Sheriff Hopper. What happens in Russia?

Why Do People Love Stranger Things Character Hopper?

Jim Hopper, the gruff & grumpy police chief in Netflix’s hit show Stranger Things, is one of the most beloved characters in the series. His no-nonsense attitude and take charge approach have endeared him to viewers all around the world, but why exactly do people love him so much? One of the reasons people love Hopper is his interesting contrast to some of the other characters in terms of his personality and demeanor.

He is often a source of comic relief throughout the series because his serious nature tends to clash with those around him – such as when he tries to keep Eleven’s antics under control or dispenses fatherly advice to Mike Wheeler. In this way, he is able to lighten up more serious storylines without seeming out of place.Another big reason why people love Hopper is his loyalty and dedication to those around him.

Though he often puts up a tough exterior to others throughout the story, deep down he has immense empathy for those who are struggling or in need of help. This can be seen in how he is willing to go the extra mile for Joyce Byers during her son Will’s disappearance and also how he takes Eleven under his wing after she escapes from Hawkins Lab.

Thirdly, Hopper’s loveable nature despite his gruff exterior makes it easy for viewers to root for him when his own personal struggles come into play. This can be seen in episode five where we learn about his backstory involving an estranged daughter as well as more recently with season three’s events involving Russian spies and Eleven’s powers being used against him. 

It is these moments that make viewers realize just how human & flawed Hopper truly is – making it all the easier for us to empathize with him on even greater levels.Finally, fans appreciate how protective Hopper is over Eleven – not only because she serves as a surrogate daughter figure for him (as it’s revealed that he lost custody of his own daughter) but also because he see her potential as a person. 

He allows Eleven freedom while still providing structure – something which many teens long for yet rarely find outside of parents or guardians.All these reasons combined are likely why Jim “Hop” Hopper has become such a popular character in Stranger Things – despite never wanting any limelight! 

His endearing combination of toughness and heart make it easy for both casual fans and dedicated viewers alike to appreciate everything that happy brings over hoppers own unique set table to the story – regardless of where season four takes us next!

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