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Elon Musk will host the May 8th episode of 'Saturday Night Live', alongside musical guest Miley Cyrus. How does Twitter feel? Read the best tweets here.

Elon Musk hosts ‘SNL’: Laugh at the best tweets about the ridiculous announcement

During the weekend, it was announced that Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla Motors as well as the chief designer of SpaceX, would be hosting the May 8th episode of Saturday Night Live, along with musical guest Miley Cyrus. To much surprise, Musk will make his debut as an SNL host in just two weeks, showing the world if his comedic chops stretch beyond his infamous #gamestonk tweet earlier this year. 

Well, Elon Musk did own the screen in his twenty-five second cameo in 2010’s Iron Man 2 . . . perhaps we’re in for a real treat after all! Musk clearly joins the list of odd SNL host choices over the years, a list that includes the likes of Donald Trump, Steve Forbes, and Paris Hilton. However, even if Elon Musk and his big ideas will transfer to this hit sketch comedy show, will they be more funny than all the tweets about this news? 

Twitter is the best outlet in these situations to gauge how the world feels about Elon Musk hosting SNL. So, we’ve gone ahead and put our finger on the collective pulse of society, and boy have we found some of the best tweets reacting to this fascinating scenario playing out before our very eyes. Care to check out a few of the best tweets? 

Not yet a presidential campaign

Let’s not be so quick to compare Elon Musk to Ralph Nader, who ran for president four separate times. 

Trump sucked

We’ll never be able to wash out the burn in our eyes of Donald Trump dancing to “Hotline Bling”. 

Not looking promising

People are being very quick to write off Elon Musk. Speaking of . . . how many write-offs do we think Elon Musk has come tax season? 

World’s best host

We mean . . . he’s not wrong. 

Musk watch tv

Society always has to take it to the darkest of places with these tweets. 

Dogecoin wins Twitter

Elon Musk swinging on a wrecking ball wouldn’t be the first thing we’d turn off on the television . . . just saying. 

Late-night delight

How is this even an insult? 


How many people have signed this brave soul’s petition? 


We’d honestly do many unforgivable things to see Elon Musk as David Pumpkins, no matter what all these tweets say! 

That’s a bingo

Did any of us?

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