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It's almost been a year since the world began quarantining due to COVID-19. Laugh along at all the relatable memes about March 2020 vs. now here.

One year later: See how March 2020 compares to this year with memes

Can you believe it’s almost been a year since the world officially went on quarantine? Just a year ago, in the beginning of March, most of us had no idea of what was to come in the following weeks. Now that the one-year anniversary of when everything began to change for the worse is coming up, Twitter can’t help but crack a few jokes to try to at least make the most of this horrid mess of a year. 

If you’ve been in a slump mood, you’re definitely not alone. Here are all the best memes that compare last March to this one to remind you that we’re all seriously going through this together. 

Our last normal week was a year ago

To begin, we can’t help but remember that on March 1st, we had no idea what was to come. A year ago today, we were able to party, walk around outside without masks, and not worry about a dang thing. Let’s hope we can return to those days soon. 


When we first heard quarantine was happening and that it may only last a few weeks, most of us took advantage of this time as a moment for relaxation. Oh, look at us now. 

Tom Hanks

These types of memes just about explains how we all probably look now that we’re a year into quarantine in March

Off the rails

Nicolas Cage memes are always the best, and this one definitely describes how insane we’ve all become in March 2021. 

Oh, Rose

It definitely hasn’t been eighty-four years, but these March memes sure make us feel like it has. 

Who would have thought? 

Oh, well. At least we’re all in this together, right? 

Inner chaos

If you’ve seen The Lighthouse, you should definitely understand why this is so insanely accurate. 

At least we’re alive

Ross from Friends has always been one of the most relatable characters, but this one really hits the nail on the head. 

From baby Yoda to Yoda

This definitely sums it up.

March 2020 vs. March 2021

Do you think in March 2022, we’ll have to wear three masks or go straight to the hazmat suit? 

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