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Tom Hanks, the acclaimed American actor, director, writer, and producer, has amassed a net worth of $400 million. But how?

Is AI trying to replace beloved actors? Let’s dive into Tom Hanks’ net worth and see how he’s become one of the richest actors alive.

The box office wars have begun and it is time to see how Elvis can square up against Top Gun's Maverick. Take a look below!

Tom Hanks and Connor Ratliff go way back. Fans of the 'Dead Eyes' podcast should be really excited for tomorrow. Learn the latest news now!

Television & Broadway actor Peter Scolari has passed away after struggling with cancer for two years. Honor his iconic career with his best performances.

Fans were given a first look at Nicole Kidman as Lucille Ball in the upcoming biopic. Yet, people are still wondering why Debra Messing wasn't cast instead.

The new movie from Wes Anderson just got a huge new star to join the cast. Will Scarlett Johansson be the star of the auteur's latest film?

Did you know Tom Hanks was a Cleveland Indians fan? Dive into why their name changed, and why America's dad announced this baseball team's new name.

'The Simpsons' remains the Nostradamus of our times by predicting the future. See how many times the series has predicted 2021.