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Costar of upcoming 'The Lighthouse' Robert Pattinson experienced such harsh shooting conditions the cast “hardly talked to anyone” between scenes.

Robert Pattinson’s got it easy? Think again: ‘The Lighthouse’

Actors get a lot of bad rap. People think because A-listers get paid a ton, they’ve got an easy life. Admittedly they probably don’t need to audition much other than the occasional screen test, but there are other annoyances of the job.

Costar of A24’s upcoming black-and-white 35mm fantasy horror The Lighthouse Robert Pattinson experienced such harsh, exhausting shooting conditions that the cast “hardly talked to anyone” between scenes. To simulate storm conditions on Cape Forchu, director Robert Eggers (The Witch) sprayed R-Patz with a firehose take after take – to the point it stung like a b— . . . I mean nor’easter.

Pattinson, known rather for his professionalism on set, noted “That’s the closest I’ve come to punching a director”. The tension of the intense environment may have been just the thing to result in a gripping viewing experience, something the uncompromising and possibly heartless visionary Eggers was certainly aware of when putting the cast through near-torture.

Pattinson himself admitted he didn’t “really understand this script on a cerebral level”, instead approaching it from a more “physical level”. That’s just what we like to hear from this particular strapping fellow.

The Lighthouse premiered at Director’s Fortnight in May in Cannes, France.

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