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Anticipating the 'Tiger King' movie trailer starring Nicolas Cage? Here's why 'Surviving Joe Exotic' is exactly what we need.

Get ready for some more murder, mayhem, and madness as the Nicolas Cage 'Tiger King' TV project gets closer to our screens. Here's what we know.

NBC is working on a scripted version version of the Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin story; everyone is wondering who will play the Tiger King.

Movies with the best cringey quotes are legendary. We tip our hats to these cringey movie quotes that are super ridiculous out of context.

'Leaving Las Vegas' is a popular Nicolas Cage movie, but have you ever wondered how it differs from the book? Let's take a look.

With plenty of future 'Tiger King' spin-offs in the works, it's no surprise there's a movie coming too. We may finally have our Carole for the movie though.

Nicolas Cage will play Joe Exotic in the upcoming scripted series based on 'Tiger King'. Here are some hilarious memes to celebrate the occasion.

Here are ten of David Lynch’s best movies ranked from “fairly well loved from the get-go” to “immediately despised and possibly still so”.

After weighing the pros and cons of some of David Lynch’s most iconic characters, we’ve whittled down 21 and ranked them from least to most boneable.