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Want to take a chance on a lottery game but don't want to spend money on a losing ticket? Sit back and win big with these classic lottery movies!

Cure Your Lottery Blues With These Motivational Movies

After the €19 million jackpot in the Irish lotto was missed again, rolling it over for the 15th time, it looks like lottery players could use some inspiration.

Picking the winning numbers is not easy, and even though there are strategies that you can try, most statisticians agree there is nothing you can do to beat the odds and win the lottery.

However, these strategies can keep gamblers motivated to keep playing. That said, there are other ways of finding this inspiration, such as in movies and television.

lottery movies

Motivational Lottery Movies

We all get our inspiration from somewhere as we cover in our movie reviews. Often, though, this inspiration comes from movies, whether we realize it or not. Movies tell stories that even when they are alien concepts to the viewer, there can be immediate or gradual effects.

For example, films like Rocky and Dead Poets Society inspired a new generation to overcome any obstacle life puts in their way with hard work and grace. Similarly, lottery players can look to the big screen for inspiration to keep playing and to find the desire to never give up, even in moments of frustration. 

One of the best examples is the 1994 American romantic-comedy drama It Could Happen To You, starring Nicolas Cage and Bridget Fonda.

lottery movies

The story follows Cage, a New York City police officer, who, after not having enough money at a diner to tip his waitress, promised her that if he won the lottery — the draw was the next day — he would split his winnings with her.

As luck would have it, Cage’s character does win the $4 million jackpot and keeps his promise to the waitress, which sparks a rollercoaster of an adventure. It is a scenario that is almost too good to be true, but it can be motivating for lottery players to see that even at your lowest point, things can turn around just as quickly.

It is also a nice homage to the reality of what lottery players do with their winnings. For instance, many in the past have reinvested money back into their communities.

lottery movies

Lottery Themes In Television

Lottery-themed stories are also visible on television. For example, ABC’s TV show Lottery!, which came out in 1983, focused on two characters who went around the United States informing individuals who had purchased tickets that they had won the Intersweep Lottery.

Even though the show was short-lived, it has become a cult classic to those who remember it, as each episode focused on a new fictional lottery winner and showed both the highs and lows of how sudden wealth can impact a person’s life.

Lotteries are one of the oldest types of gambling, and gambling creates exciting stories, so it is not surprising that there are lottery-themed movies and television shows available to watch.

lottery movies

They can be viewed for entertainment purposes, or lottery players who need a dose of motivation to keep playing can watch them for inspiration. Besides, there is nothing wrong with a little manifestation, right?

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