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Netflix comedy special 'Nanette' took the internet by storm. Here are some other shows performed by LGBTQI comedians and where you can watch them.

Here are six major motivations aspiring comedy writers can find in funny films made during the decade of decadence, the 80s.

“Comedy” is appropriate to discuss Australian Hannah Gadsby’s hour-long live set – more in reference to reviewers’ reactions than anything else.

Now that Bruce Willis (Die Hard) has been the subject of Comedy Central's big roast, we’re taking a look at some of the sickest burns and best roasts ever.

Here are some great streaming standup specials to help bring the laughs to you from the comfort of your own home. And those two drinks? Why not.

A charming house thief gets more than he bargains for during an attempted burglary when he decides to save a girl from herself in 'Breaking & Exiting'.

In celebration of Cube’s upcoming action movie project 'Excessive Force', here’s a ranked list of his best movie quotes.

To commemorate the halfway point of Sandler’s current contract with Netflix, here are the lowest-scoring Adam Sandler flicks of all time.

Amy Schumer’s brand of comedy feels increasingly banal, obnoxious, and outdated. Here’s a ranking of eight of her worst works to date.