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As chaos reigns in the U.S. Capitol building, Twitter is still making memes. Is 'National Treasure' a weird mirror of our times?

It’s Nicolas Cage’s time: Why Twitter is making ‘National Treasure’ memes

Even when it seems like the end of the world is upon us, Twitter is still making memes. The Capitol building in Washington D.C. was under siege today by protesters fighting the election results. As the events in D.C. unfolded, Twitter decided this is the time to bring back Nicolas Cage memes.

Specifically, Twitter is convinced since the Capitol was under siege, it was the time for Nic Cage to revive his famous National Treasure role and steal the Declaration of Independence. For those unfamiliar with this movie, Nic Cage’s character in National Treasure is convinced a map exists on the back of the historic document, and therefore needs to steal it so he can find treasure.

While Nicolas Cage isn’t on Twitter to enjoy the memes himself, his absence hasn’t stopped social media from making them. Here are the best tweets bringing back Nic Cage memes to alleviate the stressful situation.

National Treasure 3 anyone?

Hitting Disney+ in 2022, National Treasure 3 has already set up its next mystery for Benjamin Gates to solve.

Might as well

Nicholas Cage has such a chaotic energy so it’s no surprise people think he’s the perfect meme icon for what’s going on in D.C.

Better security in 2004

We know we shouldn’t question fiction, but it’s pretty suspicious the Capitol building has better security in 2004 than in 2021.

He isn’t not there

We haven’t heard reports about Cage being in D.C., but we haven’t heard reports he isn’t there. Maybe he’s just blending in and committing to the role of protester?

Perfect collaboration

Seriously, Nic, if you’re in D.C. right now, hit us up. We’ll happily be the Riley to your Ben if you need us.

Plenty of stolen goods

We saw photos of people stealing flags, signs, and even one person stealing a podium. How well protected can the Declaration of Independence really be?

One big distraction

None of these riots are real. According to these memes, this was all just a ploy for Nicolas Cage to make his grand escape with the Declaration. What a distraction indeed.

Real plot we’re waiting for

If this is how National Treasure 3 is going to be, we’ll still probably watch because we’re suckers for a good Nic Cage performance. But we won’t be watching happily.

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