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Is QAnon still a thing after Donald Trump left the White House? Dive into the most recent news with us. It may come as a huge shock.

The Parler app is back on Apple. Check out its new rules and regulations and see if it will be available on Google or Amazon in the future.

After a highly publicized downfall, Parler is back in Apple's good graces and back in their store. See what changes needed to be made to the app here.

Was a 'Bob's Burgers' cast member spotted at the U.S Capitol coup? Here's some of the best memes that roast Jimmy Pesto, as well as the actor who

Law enforcement is preparing for a second Capitol attack during Joe Biden's first speech to Congress. Read about the new intelligence and security measures.

Why are long-time customers of Publix supermarkets turning on their favorite store? Grab a shopping cart and head over to the tea aisle to find out!

How long is Donald Trump banned from Twitter? Delve into Trump's social media history and see where else he could be posting.

Protesters stormed and occupied the U.S. Capitol building today to disrupt the electoral confirmation process. Was security better in Area 51?

As chaos reigns in the U.S. Capitol building, Twitter is still making memes. Is 'National Treasure' a weird mirror of our times?