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Protesters stormed and occupied the U.S. Capitol building today to disrupt the electoral confirmation process. Was security better in Area 51?

The Area 51 raid had better security: The craziest memes from today

On Wednesday afternoon, pro-Trump protesters charged the U.S. Capitol. Congress was meeting there today to certify states’ election results. The Capitol was announced secured several hours later, but one woman died in the crossfire, according to a tweet from NBC News.

For a while, no one really knew exactly what was going down in the Capitol. Rioters were seen with weapons inside the building and the House floor was evacuated by police. Despite the day’s unforeseen, scary, and sad events, memes still poured in on Twitter. Many of the memes talked about the alleged lack of security at the Capitol and a potential second Area 51 raid.

To laugh or not to laugh

When it comes to situations like this, it’s hard to tell if it’s appropriate to laugh at memes. Memes can be a way to cope, though, so maybe that’s why so many people post them during these kinds of events.

Dumpster fire

Based on the chaos that went down in the Capitol today, a meme of a dumpster fire seems accurate.

Area 51 raid

Some Twitter users talked about the possibility of another Area 51 raid, citing the apparent lack of security that led to the Capitol’s breach today.

The Office memes

Memes from The Office are common during any major event, and today was no different


Events that happened today were completely unexpected, and this meme depicts that feeling.

Cobra Kai at the Capitol

Some people posted pictures of pro-Trump protesters and compared them to characters from the show Cobra Kai.

FBI agent and an Area 51 raid

A meme that has become popular in recent years shows a phone screen with a message from an FBI agent. They aren’t real messages, of course, but more FBI agent memes surfaced today.

Who has better security?

People tweeted they think they could pull off an Area 51 raid after they said the security at the Capitol seemed weak.

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