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MAGA hats, viking helmets, and Confederate flags. Gasp in disbelief at images from inside the Capitol building as it's taken over by Trump supporters.

See photos of the chaos from inside the Capitol Building right here

Donald Trump supporters have broken into the United States Capitol building in an unprecedented yet completely unsurprising development. The MAGA rioters interrupted the electoral college confirmation of Joe Biden’s presidential win, carrying weapons & Confederate flags.

Chaos inside the Capitol building continues despite Trump and other Republicans’ social media calls for peace. In case you’re curious what it looks like when a political movement runs out of options, here are some images from inside the Capitol today.

Guns drawn

It’s almost unbelievable how easy storming the Capitol building seems, especially on such a politically charged day.


This is very much not a drill, but you would be excused for believing so, if you were looking at this photo out of context.


The Capitol building was eventually evacuated, but the rioters have remained inside. 


You’ll see the guy with the horned helmet all over the news. Perhaps we can all laugh about it when the madness is over.

Confederate flags

Probably an image you never thought you’d see inside the Capitol building.

Pelosi’s office

The MAGA rioters have been bragging online about how they have access to rooms such as Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s office.

Tear gas?

Whatever gas the authorities are using is clearly not enough to get the rioters out of the Capitol building.

Now what?

Some of the rioters actually seem surprised to have made it this far while others seem to be treating the whole thing like a party.

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