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Law enforcement is preparing for a second Capitol attack during Joe Biden's first speech to Congress. Read about the new intelligence and security measures.

AOC shared a harrowing story of her near-death experience during the Capitol riots and gave a speech about handling trauma as a sexual assault survivor.

DC police officers have been committing suicide following the aftermath of the Capitol riots. Learn about the mental toll it has left on those involved.

Show us someone who doesn't like political memes and we'll show you someone who's probably a politician. Enjoy this new collection of meme-rrific pics!

Did Parler officially leave the building? The social media platform may have to. Check out why the Parler app has called it quits after three years.

Could banning Donald Trump from Twitter and other social media impact America’s freedom of speech laws? Let’s find out.

Why do people think Article 230 could bring back Donald Trump’s Twitter account? Here's everything you need to know about the ban.

Former husband of Britney Spears, Jason Allen Alexander, was seen at the pro-Trump incursion at the Capitol Building. Here's what we know.

Could the Capitol protest harm your chances of receiving a second stimulus check? Here's everything you need to know about the current IRS payment.