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Show us someone who doesn't like political memes and we'll show you someone who's probably a politician. Enjoy this new collection of meme-rrific pics!

What did Trump’s letter to Joe Biden say? The funniest political memes

Most people (who aren’t politicians) hate politics. Most people (who aren’t politicians) love political memes. While our obsession with reducing complex issues to funny Photoshop gags probably has something to do with the current state of the world, the truth is unavoidable: politics are a lot easier to digest in meme form. And they’re more entertaining that way too.

Whether you need to cope with the attack on the Capitol, the end of Trump’s presidency, or Bernie Sanders’s Inauguration attire, political memes are there for you. In fact, we have some political memes right here, right now. Enjoy!

Introduction to U.S. History

We may not like it, but The Sandman is right. Future history books will be virtual.

Infinity sign

We’re sure the months of quarantine didn’t help, but it certainly felt like the presidential elections went on for an entire year.

Cheat codes, anyone?

If we’d told you the Capitol would be under siege and political memes about it would be up shortly after, you . . . would’ve totally believed us, because you know that’s how it goes these days.

Hot for teacher

Whatever happened to Viking-horns guy, anyway? Did they finally find organic treats for him?

Make it so

Anyway, is Mittens Bernie the cutest of all political memes or what?


Look, if someone’s going to steal your thunder, might as well be the most adorable of political memes yet.

Jon Sanders

This is funny, but we refuse to believe Bernie isn’t at least a little proud of every meme run he gets.

Imma let you finish

At any rate, Bernie is not the only big name getting photoshopped around in Inauguration-related memes.

Just wanna turn my brain off

The new American dream: not having to think about politics 24/7.

Sore loser

Trump leaving Biden a secret goodbye letter? That’s just asking the internet to get their political memes tools ready.


Some people have trouble coping with retirement. Whatcha gonna do?

I’ll be there for you

You know, We’re The Millers is an underrated comedic masterpiece. It’s memeability is just the icing on the cake.

Over it

We mentioned it at the beginning of this article: most people may like political memes, but that doesn’t mean they enjoy actual politics.

Oldie but goodie

Let’s close with a classic, because the aftermath of every political election should feature two politicians being forced to shake hands. You gotta build on something.

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