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Twitter is already on fire with some incredible Bernie Sanders memes today, and we’re here for it! Look at his cosy af outfit and our reactions.

Bernie Sanders’s inauguration outfit: Twitter has the best memes

Well, folks, it’s finally here. Joe Biden’s Inauguration Day has cemented him as the forty-sixth president of the United States of America. With plenty of notable names in attendance, we’re curious about how our favorite Democratic Socialist is doing – isn’t that right, Bernie Sanders? After all, the brunt of today’s memes seem to be about him and his lackluster attire.  

It’s expected to be a cold day in Washington D.C., as we can tell by the outfits many of the inauguration guests are sporting. Bernie Sanders, although ferocious in his tenacity, seems to be both cozy & casual during this monumental day for those who are happy to be rid of the last President, as Bernie Sanders looks like an old man who’s missing his rocking chair & sugar-free cookie. 

Twitter is already on fire with some incredible Bernie Sanders memes today, and we’re here for it! Let’s check out some of the best Bernie memes during today’s historic inauguration of Joe Biden. 

We’re not sure what exactly Bernie would be delivering, but we just hope he remembered that the post office is closed on Sunday. Grandpa tends to forget. 

If he’s “once again asking for our financial support” then we may just have to help Bernie out . . . so long as it’s to help him afford a new jacket! 

The Christmas season may be over, but baby . . . it’s still cold outside. 

Bernie gets it. This isn’t the red carpet for the Tony Awards, after all. 

We take it back. Apparently, it is a red carpet event. 

While Bernie Sanders may never be President of the United States, we’re pretty certain he’ll never be Don Draper, either. 

Why does it feel like Bernie is the Walmart greeter for this whole event? 

Is maple syrup brown the color of choice in Vermont? Asking for a friend . . . 

Does anybody remember that one childhood book where all those animals tried to squeeze inside of some little girl’s lost mitten? Do we know if they’re the same brand as Bernie’s?  

Ohh, so that’s where the check for “the wall” went! 

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