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Here’s what we know about Ghislaine Maxwell, what she knows about Jeffrey Epstein, and where this could be headed.

Will Ghislaine Maxwell “commit suicide” like Jeffrey Epstein?

After the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell, most people are speculating whether or not she will be “suicided,” killed on the orders of the elite to make it look like a suicide. The conspiracy theory of last year was that her lifelong friend Jeffrey Epstein, multi-millionaire and mastermind of a sex trafficking ring, didn’t die by suicide. 

Rather, Jeffrey Epstein was supposedly murdered on the orders of someone who frequented his sex trafficking ring. This individual or group is rich and powerful enough to make Epstein’s death look like a suicide. They also would have the resources and perhaps authority to do the same with Ghislaine Maxwell. 

They have access to their cells in a way that they can eliminate cameras, gain the cooperation of the prison & staff. They can bribe wardens and ensure that coroners document their autopsies as “suicides” no matter how their targets like Ghislaine Maxwell & Jeffrey Epstein really die. 

Why, though? Big, powerful names have already been dropped. Could she have evidence implicating the people we know about? Conversely, were there more people involved than we know about? Here’s what we know about Ghislaine Maxwell, what she knows about Epstein, and where this could be headed. 

How Jeffrey Epstein met Ghislaine Maxwell

Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein met on the New York social scene in the 1990s. Maxwell’s father, British media mogul Robert Maxwell just died, leaving Ghislaine Maxwell with no connections. Epstein restored her socially and she was a loyal follower of his since. 

Her loyalty had a dark side. Ghislaine Maxwell was Jeffrey Epstein’s second in command in his sex trafficking ring according to affidavits from the victims. She would arrange flights, trips to Epstein’s private islands, and more to ensure underage girls complied with having sex with rich, old men and never talked. 

Maxwell claimed she’s “willing to cooperate” 

Ghislaine Maxwell is ready to “drop big names” according to sources. These names are people like Leslie Wexner, Prince Andrew, former president Bill Clinton, and current president Donald Trump. There may be more, but these were all rich & powerful people known to run in Jeffrey Epstein’s circle. 

However, other sources say Ghislaine Maxwell is only willing to cooperate to avoid prison. Steven Hoffenberg, Jeffrey Epstein’s mentor who spent 18 years behind bars due to a Ponzi scheme – that Epstein may have had a hand in – claims that Maxwell won’t be able to handle prison and she would do anything to get out of it. 

Barr tried to visit Maxwell like he did Epstein

The day after Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested & booked, Us Attorney General William Barr tried to visit her like he did Jeffrey Epstein. Maxwell refused. Epstein ended up dead days after Barr visited him. Due to Epstein’s previous ties to Trump, some people speculate that Barr may be trying to do damage control on Trump’s behalf. 

The Trump Administration’s ties to Epstein

Donald Trump was a longtime friend of Jeffrey Epstein, and by association Ghislaine Maxwell. Trump claimed he and Epstein had a love of beautiful women in common. Trump allegedly severed ties with Epstein after his first charges of soliciting a prostitute and a minor in 2008. Trump still denies any prior knowledge of Epstein’s wrongdoing. 

Still, Donald Trump appointed Alex Acosta to be Secretary of Labor in 2017, the prosecutor behind Epstein’s too-lenient sentencing. William Barr’s father was the headmaster at the Dalton School, where Epstein taught. There are calls for Barr to recuse himself from the Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell cases for this reason. 

The Clintons’ connections with Epstein

Right-leaning and far-right pundits point to Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell’s ties to the Clintons as the reason Epstein was suicided. Bill Clinton has admitted to flying on Epstein’s private jet, the “Lolita Express”, and was rumored to have an affair with Maxwell. Clinton denies the affair and any prior knowledge of Epstein’s wrongdoing. 

Similarities between Maxwell and Epstein’s Time behind bars

In addition to Barr’s visit, there are other similarities between Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein’s time behind bars. Maxwell was immediately put under suicide watch, raising red flags that she will meet the same fate as Epstein. 

Is it all a conspiracy? 

At Rikers where Jeffrey Epstein was held, not one person in an entire year has come forward about a conspiracy. Either there’s nothing to this, or if Epstein was killed, the responsible party is superb at covering it up and has the resources to do so. If Ghislaine Maxwell finds herself in a cameraless cell with unconscious guards, we’ll know why.

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  • Agree with everything you have alluded to…..and seems she is gone either way.
    ‘Suicided ‘before or violently attacked in jail.
    I feel the authorities will spare her to get the information they want, be it the facts or, innuendo with enough glitz to bring in the big boys.

    July 10, 2020
  • Jeffery epstein didn’t commit suicide, just like Dianas death wasn’t an accident.

    July 14, 2020
  • HOPEFULLY, The Elite Will Now See her as a Threat That Could Compromise Them; And they Can Make the Necessary Arrangements to Stage Another Suicide OR Accident.
    Accidents DO Happen with Prisoners in Custody.

    January 10, 2022

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