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TikTok trends of 2021 are bigger & better than the trends of last year. Here are the best and craziest trends.

Try not to feel old while watching these current TikTok trends

TikTok trends of 2021 are bigger & better than the trends of last year – and last year had some truly hilarious trends! Viral TikTok trends seem to pop up out of nowhere but that’s just the way TikTok works. Someone does something catchy or hysterical and everyone is ready to jump on board to copy. When it comes to TikTok trends, copying other users isn’t problematic in the slightest. It’s actually a form of flattery! 

What’s living in your head rent-free?

TikTok trends are known to be relatable to most people which is why “what’s living in your head rent-free?” has been such a hit. The question asks about the one thing you can’t seem to stop thinking about no matter how hard you try. What is the one thing stuck on your mind, day in & day out? 

People answer the question by describing ex-relationships, using song lyrics, showing off their favorite foods, or anything they can’t stop thinking about.

Tell me without actually *telling* me

The “tell me without actually *telling* me” is hilarious because it allows people to get extra creative with their storytelling. An example of this might be: Tell me your pet has separation anxiety without *telling* me, followed by a video of a cat scratching & clawing at its owner’s closed bedroom door. 

Another example might be: tell me you grew up with strict parents without *telling* me, followed by a screenshot of fifty missed calls & texts from the person’s mother about a missed curfew. 

I hate all men . . . but when he “loves” me

The “I hate all men . . . but when he ‘loves’ me” TikTok trend can go one of two ways. Some people post a plethora of screenshots showcasing the toxic text messages they’ve received from boyfriends who have claimed to “love” them in the past. Others post beautiful & sweet video collages with their significant other to let the world know how truly in love they are.

Waking up in the morning, thinking about so many things 

The “waking up in the morning, thinking about so many things” trend on TikTok has to be one of the best at the moment. This trend allows users to post their most cringeworthy memories & moments without any shame. One example of this comes from a user named @graceandgracetiktok who posted a cringey throwback of herself falling backwards out of her chair while trying to film a post on her 13th birthday.  

Silhouette challenge

The “silhouette challenge” has already started dying down in terms of popularity but just a few short months ago, everyone was jumping on the body acceptance wave to show off their curves in the so-called “silhouette challenge”.

The trend’s song starts out with “Put Your Head On My Shoulder” by Paul Anka before transitioning into “Freak” by Doja Cat. TikTok users stopped being so giddy about this trend after learning the color filter could be removed and nude body parts were able to be exposed.

Buss it challenge

TikTok users were hyped about the “buss it challenge” for a cool minute, but this is another viral trend that has started to lose its traction. Erica Banks released a song called “Buss It” and it became the background track to thousands of videos. 

This trend starts out with people in their natural state (makeup-free, hair messy, etc.) It ends with them dropping down low, revealing a very dolled up appearance much different than how they might have looked to start.

Front row challenge

The “front row challenge” is for all the fashionistas & clothing obsessed folks out there. Being stuck in quarantine means that a lot of people are unable to show off their most fashionable outfits to the public. This trend gives people an excuse to try on multiple outfits in one video explaining that if they were front row at a fashion show, this is what they’d be dressed like. 

DIY beauty hacks

DIY beauty hacks have been an ongoing TikTok trend since way before this year. In 2021, more people than ever have hopped on the bandwagon to promote their own ideas in the world of cosmetics. Users give insight on how to make body scrubs, the proper way to use beauty blender sponges, teeth whitening tricks, and more.

The glow up challenge

The “glow up challenge” has been going on since the earliest days of TikTok and it’s still used by thousands of people to this day. It’s a fairly simple trend to try! It just requires a short montage of older pictures & videos of yourself from before you started caring about your outward appearance. It ends with footage of what you look like now, all grown up & looking amazing.

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