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Many of today’s creators still mourn the loss of the Vine app. If you're one of them – watch these hilarious TikToks instead!

Missing the Vine app? Watch these hysterical TikToks instead

Many of today’s creators still mourn the loss of the Vine app, which allowed users to upload short seven-second videos that managed to squeeze in all the laughs of a Rob Schneider film. Some Vine creators were good . . . others were really good. In fact, some who used the Vine app were so talented at making hysterical short videos that it launched them into a full-time career on YouTube & TikTok.

We have Vine to thank for the careers of popular YouTube personalities such as David Dobrik and the Paul brothers. 

However, once the app was permanently deleted, many creators turned to the TikTok app, which serves the same principle of giving creators a free space to upload shortened videos . . . albeit with way more functions as well as a vastly wider length. Care to see some of the better TikTok videos out there in helping you mourn the loss of the Vine app? Take a look at our list! 

Scoot that booty

In reality, the Vine app was perhaps too short when trying to capture the silly spirit of our furry friends. 

Doctor well this is strange

You laugh. Don’t think we’re that far off from Marvel dipping its toe in the musical pool, which could likely only happen within the mind of Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi, right? 

Full House

Quarantine during COVID-19 saw no shortness of creative spirit . . . or insanity. 

Life can be animated

We have zero ideas why this TikTok is so funny, but it is! Does anyone know where this song is from?


Now, this prank will always be funny! Equally, we’re pretty sure that this short runtime would qualify in the Vine app back in its glory days. 

You spin me right round

Why do kids always do the stupidest s#!+ when parents aren’t around?  

Alter ego

“Day six” and your mustache is already that big? Good for you, sir! 

Donkey Doom

Hmm . . . we feel like in the movies that giant Gorilla always wins that punch, right?. 

Scary Larry

We’d imagine that this is what being followed by the monster from It Follows feels like. 

That awkward moment

We’ve all done it . . . no need to kill yourself over it! 

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