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Sure, Throwback Thursday is meant to look back at your past, but Vines are everyone's past. Relive the funniest videos from the dead video platform.

Throwback Thursday: The funniest Vines that still make us laugh

Vine. Oh, how we miss you. 2020 has had its ups and downs (mostly downs) and now more than ever we crave humor. People are now flocking to TikTok in hopes of some relief, but nothing will ever compare to our beloved app, Vine.

Don’t deny it. Do you still head to YouTube and watch those Vine compilations for hours on end? You’re not alone. Millions of us still feel the need to seek out Vines, even with TikTok downloaded on our phones.

When news broke that Vine would no longer be around, everyone felt the pain. Now it seems TikTok may be headed for the same fate. For this #ThrowbackThursday, let’s take the time to celebrate classic Vines that still make us howl with laughter.

Two bros chilling in the hot tub . . .

Not many people are aware, but Anthony Padilla (half of Smosh) is responsible for the first classic Vine on our list. When everyone thinks of Vines, it’s guaranteed that this particular Vine will come to mind. The catchy tune will replay in your head a whole week after rewatching it. You’re welcome! 😏

Stop! He could’ve dropped his croissant

Okay, we’re all for jumpscares – they can be absolutely hilarious. However, when food is involved, it’s just not cool. Now you’d better stop, or he’ll drop his beloved croissant. Quoting this Vine always manages to bring a smile to the faces of millennials everywhere.

Squidward is a dab legend

Parades are awesome – what’s even more awesome is when beloved characters make an appearance. SpongeBob SquarePants is a childhood classic for most millennials. When Squidward hits the iconic dab in this Vine, everyone rejoices. What a legend.

Cannabis-drawing utensil

“Is that a weed? I’m calling the police!” Mistaken identity is serious and when your younger brother mistakes a crayon for “a weed”, that’s when 💩 can hit the fan. The look on both faces is priceless and the microwave acting as a phone is the icing on a hilarious cake.

Get out of your mom’s car!

Have you ever snuck out and taken the car keys? Have you ever been caught? This extremely unusual Vine never fails to make us question our sanity. Broom, broom! 🥴

That road ahead better work

Road signs have never been so funny. We sure hope the road ahead worked for him. Admit you’ve quoted this with your friends or family while driving. It’s okay. We’ve done it too.

Gurl, your eyebrows are most certainly on fleek

This is exactly the positive motivation we need! This queen makes us and our eyebrows feel fierce. 💁🏻‍♀️ Gotta make sure those brows are sisters rather than distant cousins – are we right, ladies?

Just stop lying

We have one question: “Why you always lying?” This tune is guaranteed to become an earworm – the earworm will grow old in that head of yours. Trust us. It’s worth it and a message more people should live by. 

First-day-of-school blues

We’ve never related more, especially after quarantining for months on end. “Are you gonna miss your mom?” Please don’t ask us or we’ll cry much like this adorable little boy. Back to school/work blues are a real thing.

Houdini, is that you?

This little fluffster is a magician and you can’t tell us otherwise. Blink and you’ll miss his little face. A cute jumpscare like this is more than welcome!

Who is she?

Oh Chloe . . . why do you look like all of us in middle school? This song is forever changed and if you don’t do this little dance, you’re a fake Vine fan. One of the most iconic Vines over the years.

Best. Present. Ever!

A banana? No. A tomato? Are you even trying? An avocado? Thanks! 🥑 This kid is without a doubt iconic – as is this Vine. Sometimes food is the answer, and we stand by that.

What about fresh avocados?

“FR–E–SH A–VOCA–DO!” Scream it from the rooftops. This iconic sign from Del Taco has us all in hysterics. Is the person responsible still an employee? In our opinion, they should be.

If only we knew what was coming

If we actually knew what was going to happen, this would be our reaction too. Looks like Vine was really ahead of its time.

Let us know in the comments what your favorite Vine was. Will TikTok ever truly compare?

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