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Remember Vine? It was like TikTok, but . . . different? In a 'Vine-honored' tradition, here are some favorite TikTok videos to download.

TikTok videos that remind us of Vine: Download these to share with friends

When it comes to short-form viral video content, TikTok reigns supreme. The app has cemented its relevance in the cultural conversation as it claims peak trending content, and TikTok dances even dictate the success of pop hits (you learned the WAP dance this year, don’t lie!). However, many of us elders remember a different kind of short video platform.

TikTok was released back in 2016, the very year Twitter announced it would disable all Vine uploads, which was the beginning of the end for the app. Remember Vine? It was like TikTok, but . . . different?

What was it about Vine that had people cracking up, intrigued, or hypnotized enough to watch hour-long compilations of seconds-long Vine videos on YouTube? Vine began the trend of short-form dance videos & staged conversations with two characters played by the same person. However, there was a kind of video uploaded to the app that was quintessentially Vine.

There is something special about classic Vine videos, like “They were roommates”, “two bros chillin’ in a hot tub”, or “look at all those chickens” that showcase a slice of life that’s nothing short of hilarious. Whether a Vine video captured a moment at the right time, or someone “doing it for the vine,” there were less stakes with Vine videos and certainly less production value in the videos.

These types of videos evolved with TikTok, but the new app still has some videos that glimmer with the magic of Vine, and remind us of our favorite videos from the defunct app. Here are some of our favorite TikTok videos to download.


Turning into an animal TikTok fan account at this stage #fyp #animal #lion #lioness #foryoupage #safari

♬ Such a Whore (Baddest Remix) – JVLA

Wild Life

User emma.cxmpbell gives us a simple slice of life video with an uncommon occurrence: a lion strutting through two lines of cars, and a soundtrack to boot.


Dinky#foru #animal #cuteness #nature #chipmunk

♬ original sound – Chipmunksoftiktok

Chipmunksoftiktok hit us with another classic animal TikTok this year, reminding viewers of straightforward Vines. You can download & send this to anyone for a laugh, who wouldn’t like a good face-stuffed chipmunk named Dinky?


bring this trend back #fyp #highschool #invisibleboxchallenge #foryou

♬ original sound – Tiguelmoon

Work from home

User jm1tchell gives us a TikTok dance video that lacks the complicated choreography of a trending dance. Simple, impressive and almost certainly shot in his mom’s living room; Very Vine, very worthy of a download.


#trickshot #pingpong #sports #rubegoldberg #fyp #foryoupage #starwars #grogu #quarantine #mando

♬ original sound – Patrick Hanson

Part of the charm of many old Vine videos is that they’re the result of boredom at home. Nowhere is this more clear than in patrickhanson17’s elaborate ball path video.

Twitter user mfbenji shows us that you need nothing more than a laptop with a crappy greenscreen function to elicit huge laughs in the era of TikTok. The subject matter here certainly couldn’t be used in the time of Vine, but the method is all Vine. Mfbenji takes the celebs down a notch, and even gives us a little tune at the end.


♬ small bite – ja$$min


User kathrinarebosa will have you in need of a shot of insulin from this sweet clip of her obedient pup (We don’t know whether to laugh or sob!). Download to watch again and again.


#틱톡댕냥협회 날아라의 다양한 소환방법~ #미소아라 #반려동물 #foryou #fyp#woah

♬ 오리지널 사운드 – 미소아라 MISO_ARA – 미소아라 MISO_ARA

User miso_ara gave us one of the most liked TikTok videos of 2020 with her music synched puppy-calling video. The clip stays simple & funny, just like the Vines of yore, as we anxiously wait to see if the puppy can fit in it’s owners different hand molds.

Vine may be gone, but videos that remind us of the forgotten time are here to stay. As long as TikTok marches on, videos will continue to pop up and bring us back to a time when we all couldn’t shake the impulse to “do it for the vine!”

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