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Alpha Heater is a brand new portable heater created to make your winter days warm and comfortable. But does it work?

Alpha Heater Reviews – Ripoff Reports or Best Space Heater 2021?

Alpha Heater is a brand new portable heater created to make your winter days warm and comfortable. According to the official website, it is a handy size, a sleek and portable heater that you can move anywhere. It takes less than five minutes to heat a room and has some amazing safety features that make it better than other heaters available in the market. 

Personalized heaters are a better choice than conventional heaters mainly because of their easy usage, energy efficiency, and price. No need to spend thousands of dollars on a heater when you can get almost the same features by paying less than $100. If you are one of these people searching for a solution to pass chilly winter days, try Alpha Heater, one of the most popular portable heaters these days. Find out more on Alpha Heater, including its pricing and discount offers in this review. 

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Alpha Heater Review 

Who likes to step onto the chilly floor in winter and work with a cool sensation going down the spine? A heater is essential but which type of heater a person uses depends upon his lifestyle, budget, and weather conditions of where he lives. In most US states, winter can even become a nuisance without proper heating solutions, and making yourself suffer to save money is not something good for your health.

Can you think of layering yourself and moving around uncomfortably because it is too cold? Of course not, and also, you cannot eat, work, walk or travel with uncomfortable clothing layers. Alpha Heater is here to make your winters comfortable without costing you a fortune. It is highly energy-efficient and user-friendly. Plus, it is a one-time investment and does not add much to the monthly electric bill. In fact, personal heaters are more of an essential than a luxury. 

The company compares its electricity consumption to a hairdryer that nearly every American uses on a daily basis. But the small size and low power consumption do not mean it cannot warm up a room. Based on the information shared on the official website, Alpha Heater would only need ten minutes to heat a room. The small size is just to make it more useful and easier to move; it does not mean its working capacity is compromised. Continue reading to know more about this portable heater.  

What is Alpha Heater?

Alpha Heater is a portable heater that is suitable for a single user. It produces warm air, eventually increasing the temperature of a room, making it cozy. Normally, you see heating systems or fireplaces in buildings, but not everyone can afford these professional heating systems and is looking for something cheaper. Moreover, people who often shift houses or travel prefer taking their gadgets with them, as installing, removing, and re-installing air coolers and heaters are extremely costly. If you are one of these, Alpha Heater is here to make your life easier. 

It is a lightweight and compact device that increases the temperature up to 75F. You can place it anywhere in a room, i.e., study table, nightstand, or even on the floor. Even if it is tipped, there are no chances of a spark or damage, as it comes with built-in safety features. 

These qualities make it suitable for single people, students, people with small families, and young kids. It is currently in stock and available for a discounted price. For more details and orders, visit the official website today. 

Here are a few specifications of AlphaHeater. 

  • Different temperature settings
  • Small size 
  • Best for 350 sq ft area 
  • Takes 2-5 mins to heat the room 
  • Ceramic body that is PTC safe 
  • Energy efficient
  • Affordable 

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How Does Alpha Heater Work?  

Alpha Heater is the best heater for small spaces, small to medium size rooms, and offices. It is only suitable for large spaces if you are using at least two heaters or more, depending upon the area of the space. There are no limitations to its usage, and it can be placed anywhere next to an electrical socket. 

To explain how it works, one should know about oscillators. The Alpha Heater is created on a mechanism that uses oscillators to generate warm air. It uses the air from the room, warms it, and ejects it back, helping the temperature to increase. 

Here are a few things that are unique to Alpha Heater.

It evenly distributes warm air.

The first thing everyone should know is that it does not target a specific location but generates the warm air evenly. No part of the room would be too warm or too cold if this heater is running in it. The heat will be evenly distributed and felt the same in all parts of a room. 

It starts heating within two minutes. 

Contrary to most portable heaters, Alpha Heater starts working right away. It takes less than five minutes to heat a standard size room, and in 30 mins, the rooms become perfectly cozy. There is minimum waiting time, and it is more like an immediate action. 

It filters the air

Another thing that is true for Alpha Heater is that it has a nano-filter in it. This type of filter can catch small irritants, pollutants, and allergens and improve the air quality. This feature is beneficial for people with sensitive airway and allergy patients. 

It removes smell 

Alpha Heater also removes fragrance from the room, common in winter, when you barely leave your door or window open for fresh air. Many times this foul smell is caused by mold and pathogens; as they are already removed by the filter, there are fewer chances of experiencing any bad smell. 

It has a noiseless function. 

Have you ever been in a warm room, but you do not see or feel any heater around? Probably not, but it is possible when you are using Alpha Heater. It does not make any sound while working and makes a perfect choice for a student preparing for exams or a workaholic trying to focus on work-related things.

It comes with a built-in timer. 

There are four modes in Alpha Heater to meet the demands of all users. You can choose any of these that you like better. This option of customization is not offered by all heater companies.

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Instructions To Use Alpha Heater 

Using Alpha Heater requires no professional knowledge or experience. There is no technicality involved as it does not require any installation or assembling. Even those who have never used an electrical heater before can also get started on it. Here is how it works. 

  • Take your Alpha Heater out of the box. 
  • Choose a location with a power source to place it. 
  • Connect it to the socket through the power cable 
  • Turn on the device, and also turn on the safety button at the back.
  • Choose any setting that you prefer and enjoy 

This heater has a ceramic body, which will not become hot even after using it for hours. However, it does not mean it is safe to touch or move while working. Please do not touch the heater unless it is fully cooled down. Do not use it next to your children and pets, and keep an eye on their interaction with the heater. 

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Best About Alpha Heater 

Alpha Heater has so many reasons that make it a good choice for a personal heater. According to the details mentioned on its official website, here are some of these features that you should know. 

  • Sleek design: unlike traditional heaters, Alpha Heater is a modern machine that does not take much time, energy, or space to work. It is smaller than most heaters and can be used even in a very tiny room. 
  • Portable device: Alpha Heater is handy and portable. Its compact size makes it suitable to move anywhere in the house, and you can even take it with you during travel. If you live alone, one heater is enough, and you do not have to get one heater for every room. Just invest in one and move it to any place in the house. 
  • Uniform heating: contrary to portable air coolers that throw air in a specific direction, Alpha Heater follows a uniform heating system. All corners of the room share the same temperature, and you do not have to adjust its direction in accordance with your position and movement. 
  • Affordable option: comparing the prices of Alpha Heater with other brands would tell you that it is much affordable than all other options. There would not be much change in electricity bill, as it takes only 10 cents for every kilowatt-hour.  

Also check out what Alpha Heater customer reviews are saying about this product. Does it really work for everyone? Find Out More Here!

Alpha Heater Safety Risks 

Electrical appliances are not a safe choice even if they are efficient and comfortable. The safety concerns give a reason to everyone interested to buy a heater to compare companies and models before choosing one. First thing first, it works just like any other small room heater by circulating warm air in the room. It is suitable for long-term use without carrying any health risks. 

It has a ceramic body, so it never gets ‘very hot’ to burn. Still, you have to follow the precautions while touching the heater when in use. Do not ask your children to turn it on, move or hold it during work. When it is turned off, there is no risk of touching it, and it can not cause any damage to you, your family, and your pets. 

The heater comes with a filter to remove all bacteria, fungi, smoke, and other allergens from the air. It improves the air quality in the room, makes it free from smell, and adds a freshness without even using an air freshener. If it is dropped or tipped, the heater starts producing room temperature air and takes time to cool. After this 30 second pass, if it is still unattended, it shuts down. Also, there is no chance of overheating, and the temperature of this heater can only rise to a specific level. When it is increased to 122F, it is immediately put back to 104F. If this happens at least three times, the heater will turn off on its own. 

Once you switch it on, it works well for up to six hours unless you stop it. There are six timers that you can use to get the desired effect. Even if you forget to switch it off, the device will automatically turn down after six hours maximum. 

Where to Buy Alpha Heater at the Best Price Online? 

The orders for Alpha Heater can be placed online at its official website using this link. There is no other way to buy this heater, as the company has no local sellers authorized for selling this heater. The idea of personalized heaters is not new, and you may see thousands of options too. Not all of these options work as to their promises, and there are also chances of online scams while trusting unauthorized sellers. Therefore, avoid this risk and only book the orders for this heater at the official website.

Comparing its price with other heaters show that Alpha Heater is reasonably priced. Also, the company is running a promotional offer that allows you to get it for up to 50% off. 

Here are more details on pricing. 

  • Get one Alpha Heater unit for $49.95 only 
  • Get two Alpha Heaters for $47.45 each.  
  • Get three Alpha Heaters for $44.96 each.  
  • Get four Alpha Heaters for $42.46 each.
  • Get five Alpha Heaters for $39.96 each. 

** The orders for Alpha Heater include fixed delivery charges for all orders. 

Buying one heater is more expensive than buying two, three, or four. Buying five heaters is the best as it gives the maximum discount on this product. If you have a big family and house, get one heater for everyone, or you can set one in every room. Remember Alpha Heater is only suitable for a single user, and it may be least helpful for people with large families unless they buy it in bulk. 

The real price of Alpha Heater is $99, but you can get it for as low as $39.96 if you book your order now. The company is running a limited-time discount offer that may soon end. If you have made up your mind on buying this heater, hurry up and buy it for a discounted price, before the offer expires. 

All Alpha Heater orders are protected with a 30-day money-back guarantee. During this time, you can check the heater and see if it is suitable for you. Although the chances are very low if you do not see it working or your heater is not according to your needs, talk to the company and get a full refund.

The company is also offering an extended warranty that protects your Alpha Heater for three years. It costs nearly $26.97and the company will be ready to help by repairing or replacing the product if anything is not working well.

The company has an active customer care department that is working to make Alpha Heater experience better. You can contact them through phone or email and let them help you. Use the following information to contact the customer representatives. 

Phone: +1 (866) 895-6759


Here is the physical address of this company.

Alpha Heater 2345 Vauxhall Rd, Union, NJ 07083 United States Of America

Remember this refund option is only valid for Alpha Heaters bought from the official website. If you happen to buy it from another source that you cannot share with the customer care line, the company has a full right to reject your refund or replacement condition. Make sure you are contacting the company in time and keep your original packing as you might have to return the product in its real packing to the company for a refund.  

Alpha Heater Reviews – Conclusion 

To sum up this Alpha Heater review, it seems like a legit product offering a matchless user experience. The comfort, affordability, efficiency, and size make it a preferred option for most people. And it also explains why the sales of Alpha Heater are taking a leap as winter is near. It is a cost-effective and budget-friendly option that spends on centralized heating systems, especially when you are always on the go. 

It is a safe heater, and nothing about it looks sketchy. Alpha Heater would even clean the air and refresh it, cutting the need for an air purifier and air freshener. The automatic settings protect from overheating, and the size makes it a perfect fit for people who want an efficient yet affordable product. Due to high demand, the heaters are selling out faster than the company’s expectations, and people are ordering them every minute. It leaves behind a limited stock availability that is offered on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

If you still have questions, read the Alpha Heater user reviews posted online or talk to customer care representatives to clear your confusion. Those who have already decided to buy Alpha Heater should visit the official website today and book their orders while the company still has them in stock.

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