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After you get your COVID vaccine where's the first place you're going to go? Is it Super Nintendo World or Disney? Check out some cool destinations here.

Just in: Disneyland annual pass programs are in the past. Discover if they'll make a comeback and if so, how they'll likely return.

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LeBron James is the reigning 'king' of basketball, his biggest dream is to one day play basketball with his son. Will the 'prince' live up to the legacy?

When you think of an old man screaming "Get off my lawn!", you definitely think of Florida Man. Take a look at these headlines all about trespassing.

Despite Florida having a horrifying number of coronavirus cases Walt Disney World Resorts decided to open their parks. Take a look.

Looking for tickets? We don’t completely get why this needs to be said, but your trip to Walt Disney World can wait. Here's why.

Splash Mountain, part of three iconic mountain rides at Walt Disney World has long been controversial. Here's why it's cancelled.