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After you get your COVID vaccine where's the first place you're going to go? Is it Super Nintendo World or Disney? Check out some cool destinations here.

Super Nintendo World: All the places you should visit when lockdown ends

Re-enter a world where your best friends can stand next to you, closer than six feet. Where you & your family can once again rediscover the magic of a Disney resort, and where the only distancing required is the time you wait between lunch and an exciting ride. Take to the sandy shores with the love of your life, and partake in a moonlight kiss without the distraction of a face mask. Guys, we’re almost there! Can you believe it?

Thanks to an impressive vaccine rollout, we’re only a month or so away from a quarter of the population being vaccinated, protecting themselves as well as others around them from the coronavirus as we welcome in a new normal. Obviously, the first thing many of us will do is gather once more with our closest friends & family. However, we’re pretty sure that vacationing comes next. Have any idea where you will go? 

For some, visiting Super Nintendo World in Japan is a top priority. For others, relaxing in paradise with nothing more than a new swimsuit and a tropical drink is an ideal destination. Wherever you choose to go, just remember to do it safely, responsibly, and most importantly, with a big smile on your face. Need some ideas on where you should visit when the lockdown ends? Don’t worry, we got your back!  

Super Nintendo World

After years of both development & delays, Super Nintendo World has finally opened at Universal Studios Japan, and all we have to say is . . . sensory overload, much? Super Nintendo World in Osaka invites you to leave the troubled world we live in behind and step into the fantastical world of Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Peach, Bowser, and the rest of our favorite characters from the world of Nintendo. 

Super Nintendo World, which is nearly as immersive as Universal Studios The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, invites guests to experience all of the familiar worlds from the classic Super Nintendo games. Super Nintendo World is finally open today with plenty of health & safety guidelines to keep you and your close ones safe, we recommend that you check it out ASAP! 


If all the sights & sounds of an amusement park sound like a bit much, then consider planting your bare feet in the sand by visiting Maui for an amazing & relaxing Hawaii island getaway. Consider checking out the beautiful Maui beaches such as Wailea or Napili, or consider hiking Haleakala National Park to check out the world’s largest dormant volcano. 

Mai Tai’s & island sweets might be the exact thing you and your loved ones need after a stressful year, and we don’t blame you one bit if you book your tickets to paradise right now! 

Disney Parks

Whether you choose to visit the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, or one of the multiple Disney Resorts overseas, there’s simply no denying that a trip to Disney is the ultimate way to boost morale. Certainly, a much-needed vacation requirement given the current global pandemic. 

The food, the laughs, the rides, it’s all made possible so long as you believe in the Disney magic. We know we do! So why not take a romantic weekend or even a week-long trip to one of the many Disney theme parks. Trust us – they’ll remind you what it’s like to have fun with the people closest to you once more.  

Where’s the first place you plan on going to once the nationwide lockdowns end? Will you go on a family trip or a group trip with your closest friends? Are you more of the rest & relaxation type when you vacation or do you prefer seeking thrills? Comment below and let us know your thoughts.  

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