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Despite Florida having a horrifying number of coronavirus cases Walt Disney World Resorts decided to open their parks. Take a look.

Disney World Resorts reopening: Look at these dystopian pictures

Despite Florida having a horrifying number of coronavirus cases Walt Disney World Resorts decided to open their parks to the public once more. The parks boast enhanced cleaning, required masks, signs encouraging social distancing, and a lot more. But we all know packing people into Disney World can only amount to one thing – people doing whatever they want when they want to be surrounded by a bunch of other people. Disney is the king of “the customer is always right”.

The parks have also implemented a patron cap, which is leaving the parks far under their usual capacity, so we have to admit Disney is taking a bunch of the right steps as far as keeping people safe. However, the pictures we’re seeing of the “happiest place on Earth” looks more like a creepy future dystopian movie than a fun-for-the-whole-family vacation. Take a look, and welcome to dystopia.

Temperature screening

While temperature screenings are well and good, and could prevent the unnecessary spreading of the virus, you have to admit this photo has a somewhat ominous feeling to it. The masked people milling around signs for temperature checks and COVID-19 warning signs is surreal.

Not-so-distant social distancing

Everyone seems to be adhering to the mask policy in the second photo, but the six feet apart rule seems to be mostly forgotten here. This photo makes us anxious just looking at it.

Welcome to dystopia

Walt Disney World Resorts cast members are all masked up and waving in order to greet people entering the park, but something about the mixture of whimsical & colorful costumes and medical gear screams run the other direction.

Mask on mask

Just to ensure guests know this park cast member is happy to greet customers they have a half of a smiling Mickey Mouse mask on top of their health & safety mask.

Socially distanced panic

How do you help people when you can’t even get near them? This balloon accidentally got wound around a horse’s leg and it took a lot of caution and calm headedness for these cast members to keep the situation as tame as they did.

The tent

Sorry, we’re still not over the entrance checkpoints – why do they look so creepy?

One more

Sorry, just one more checkpoint picture to get it out of our system.

That’s a lot to take in all at once

Scalpers, we wouldn’t have called that one. Also, apparently those temperature checks we fixated on? Apparently they aren’t foolproof.

Bleak and terrifying

Obviously people should go to Disney World Resorts right now, but Disney also shouldn’t have opened their gates again so soon.

Cute photo ops

We feel like the cute Disney photo ops lose a lot of their luster when your happy smiling faces are hidden behind masks, because there is a literal viral pandemic happening right now, but hey, what do we know?

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