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It’s-a-Mario-Day! That’s right – it’s March 10th (aka MAR10) and we’re ready to party with Mario by sharing these super Super Mario memes.

Get in the mood for Mar10 Day with these Super Mario memes

It’s-a-Mario-Day on Wednesday! That’s right – March 10th (aka MAR10) is coming up and we’re ready to party with Mario. Akin to May the fourth, Mar10 is a punny date to celebrate, and Nintendo isn’t missing the opportunity to promote everyone’s favorite plumber. 

To commemorate Mario’s huge impact on the company and entire gaming community, Nintendo is offering discounts on multiple Mario games. From the early days of Super Mario Bros. to Mario Kart to Super Mario Odyssey, Nintendo proves that the iconic cartoon character will always be around.

Make sure to whip out one of the Mario games you have lying around to honor the classic video game hero that has been delighting us for decades. We’re here to hop on that Mar10 hype train with everyone by sharing these super Super Mario memes. 

Pizza Mario time 🍕

Come on everyone! Luigi can’t throw his pizza party if there aren’t enough memes circulating about Mar10 Day.

MAR10 memes win

The Mario memes are abundant – use the Mario format over other ones today! 

Making billboards

We’re not sure if this billboard is real, but if we saw that on the streets that’d be too cool.

Mario milk

Whatever you do – don’t order this (very authentic) limited edition Mario milk. It’ll definitely expire before it ships to you.

Get with it, people!

Did you forget or something? There’s only one Mar10 a year! Get those memes goin’. 

Cereal with milk 🥛

Cereal with no milk is so bare bones. Be a full & happy Mario by soaking your dry cereal.

Terrifying turtles

Mario must have a concussion by now, but somehow can’t handle a turtle. 

Luigi second player

Younger siblings always wind up playing Luigi (who is basically second-rate Mario.) RIP Luigi. 

Super size me

You’ve gotta eat those mushrooms and grow to take hits. If you take damage while small it can be Game Over in no time.

Goomba serial killer

Not everyone who tries video games is good at the game from the get-go – so that first Goomba in Mario has undoubtedly slain players endlessly.  

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