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If you are also thinking of buying a new Nintendo Switch OLED, you must learn about the changes to expect. Should you upgrade?

Nintendo Switch OLED Upgrade: What Changes to Expect

Attention all the gamers out there! We are here with a fantastic informative article comparing all the new changes in the new Nintendo Switch compared to the original. We know you must have been waiting for it so long because we all love the new things, but somehow we all are worried if the new Nintendo Switch even worth it or not. So, we decided to gather all the information about this upgraded Switch. 

If you are also thinking of buying a new Nintendo switch OLED, you must learn about the changes to expect, and that’s what we are here for! But just before we start the article I could say that you should try your luck on as if you win the jackpot then you will be able to afford yourself the latest Nintendo switch With any further delay, let’s get into it and learn what this new Switch dock has brought for you!

OLED Nintendo Switch vs Original Switch

If you are trying to pick between the Nintendo Switch OLED model and the original one, you must know about the new Nintendo Switch and compare. The original hybrid console was the best Switch for the consoles and really didn’t need an upgrade. Still, improved display and other small enhancements and new features like the new Switch OLED may attract you to buy this upgraded version. So now, let’s look deeper to figure how upgraded this new Nintendo Switch OLED model is and if it is really worth it or not!

Improved display in Nintendo Switch OLED

First off, let’s start with the first thing that matters when you handle your Switch OLED model for the first time. Surely, it is the display that we are talking about. The Switch OLED model has a 7-inches OLED screen with a one-inch larger OLED display than the original Nintendo Switch. Nintendo made the larger space of the screen by reducing the bezels around the screen to make room for a bigger screen.

The bigger display of 7 inch OLED screen means you can enjoy your favourite moves on a bigger screen that would be enough vivid and clear for you. So, this improved new display is probably the first thing that tempts buyers in finding it worthy of buying.

New design of Nintendo switch OLED

Let’s talk about the minor changes in design that you will observe in the Nintendo Switch console. The basic shape of the original Switch and Switch Lite are identical, but the upgraded one is 0.1 inches taller and a few pounds heavier. The accommodation for the new bigger display was made possible by shrinking the bezel around the screen. So, they made no significant changes to the console to make the Switch lite a whole new version in terms of design.

So, if you were expecting a whole new look from this newborn of the Nintendo Switch family, then you must be disappointed. But the addition of a full-width rear stand for handheld mode and tabletop mode is a handsome addition. This wide adjustable stand enhances the outlook of the Switch. The upgraded version of the new white Switch OLED’s dock with enhanced features is also a perk.

Enhanced controls of Nintendo Switch OLED

After talking about the white joy-cons, vibrant screen resolution bump and energetically colourful environments of new Nintendo consoles, it’s time to talk about the controls that this new model has brought. The best thing about this new model is that its white joy-cons are really versatile because they provide you with both traditional gamepad and motion controls.

New dock of Nintendo Switch OLED model

Let’s throw light on the new Switch. OLED’s white dock features a LAN port for a speedy wired internet connection. Furthermore, there is no back panel to hide the USB port so that you can easily access it. The new model Switch OLED doesn’t have a USB Type-A port because of the wired LAN port. It might be a shock for some people because many often used the USB port for attaching internet wires and adapters.

Power and internal storage in new fabled Switch

One thing that might be disappointing for the users is that Nintendo didn’t improve the chipset since the first Switch launched back in 2017. So the new features of 1080p handheld resolution and 4K docked output in Nintendo Switch Pro are nothing more than a rumour until now. Or maybe we can say that the Switch OLED model is not Nintendo Switch Pro. But you must be happy to hear that the base internal storage is doubled in the new model, which is now 64GB instead of 32GB.

Above that, it also has an option for a micro SD card for more storage expansion. Another among the incredibly new features of this new model is that it allows enhanced audio in the handheld device when you are not using headphones. This enhanced audio is a perk of the new Switch model.

Nintendo Switch OLED model DS games

When discussing even minor details about the Nintendo Switch Lite, how can we forget about the Switch games we can play? The best thing is that you can play all your favourite Switch games on both switches. You can play different multiplayer games y super smash bros or other than that. But if you were expecting some new experiences with the new upgraded system, you might feel disappointed. There is a whole library of multiplayer games that you can enjoy with your new or original Switch.

Battery life

Last but not least, we must talk about the Switch battery to expect some better performance from the new model. Updated Switches use OLED displays that are far better than LED displays. Users can control their brightness and other enhancements, so it consumes more power than the original one. Nintendo claims that it will go up to 9 hours once you charge the battery, just like an LCD screen. In short, we can say that there is no change in the battery life of the old and the new Switch!

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