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CCTV footage shows Sarah Everard following an officer's orders before he murdered her. Now, the U.K. police are advising women to question officers.

A former police officer has been sentenced to life in prison for the murder of Sarah Everard. Read why the killer received a life sentence with no parole.

Wayne Couzens has just been sentenced in the murder of Sarah Everard. Dive into this tragic story and discover how much time Couzens will serve.

Twenty-eight-year-old Sabina Nessa was found dead on September 18th and the killer has yet to be caught. Read how her death has sparked protest in the U.K.

The case of Sarah Everard is one that is truly devastating, but how exactly has it impacted women's rights so far? Read into the details here.

Sarah Everard was just walking home when she was kidnapped and murders. Read through the tweets from women who have taken this case to heart.

Sarah Everard's body was officially found in the woodlands of Kent. Read more on the latest turn in this missing person's turned murder case.

A Metropolitan police officer was arrested over suspicions he kidnapped a young girl in Kent county of South East England. Here's the scoop.