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True crime: How this British police officer nearly got away with murder

There’s been a controversial arrest in connection to a disappearance making headlines in the UK this week when a British police officer was taken in last night in the latest true crime story that’s captivating readers. 

Sky News reported today an unnamed forty-year-old Metropolitan police officer was arrested Tuesday night upon suspicion of kidnapping in Kent county of South East England. 

After his initial arrest, he was rearrested upon suspicion of murder and a seperate charge regarding indecent exposure. News outlets are buzzing though, because of the murder suspicion in this case all surrounding the disappearance of Sarah Everard.

Sarah Everard

Sarah Everard went missing early last week on March 3rd, while walking home to Brixton from her friends house in Clapham. 

A map will show her short walk of under two miles left a presumably short timeframe to allow for an event to cause her disappearance, as we can only imagine investigators & true crime fans alike are scratching their heads considering what could have happened.

Everard is a thirty-three-year-old marketing executive, and the Metropolitan police in South London seem to be using all their resources to find Everard and uncover the mystery of her disappearance. They’ve made an arrest in connection to the case and photos released show groups of police officers searching heavily for Everard.


Officers appear to be searching all over Kent county for any clue to where Everard may have disappeared to. 

It’s said officers have been searching properties on the coast of south Kent in Freemen’s Way, as well as Ashford & Deal. In addition to searching properties, the police say they’ve visited over 700 homes investigating Everard’s disappearance.

Furthermore, the Metropolitan police aren’t the only ones contributing to the case. We can only imagine there is a large community of true crime fans as well as concerned citizens in Kent, as officers say they’ve received over 100 calls from the public regarding Everard’s disappearance.

What do we know?

True crime fans will be disappointed to realise it’s hard to say what clues we have for Everard’s disappearance; she hasn’t been found, and police have only released two arrests in connection to her case. 

In addition to the officer arrested in connection to Everard’s disappearance, a woman in her 30s was taken into custody at the same property the alleged offending officer was found. It’s unclear yet if she was assisting the alleged offending officer, but she’s being held on suspicion for doing so.

What we do know about the only suspect released in the case of Everard’s disappearance is he’s a cop, and was off duty at the time when Everard went missing. He’s said to have served on the force’s parliamentary & diplomatic protection command, and was said to patrol diplomatic premises.

What don’t we know?

It’s hard to say just how the recently arrested officer is connected in Everard’s case, but Metropolitan police Assistant Commissioner Nick Ephgrave has described the arrest as a “serious and significant development” that, considering one of the force’s own is involved, is “both shocking and deeply disturbing”.

Ephgrave went on to say the investigators behind the case are working with speed in mind, and in regard to the significant response of the community, the force asks they are given the time & space to work at their full potential.

One week has passed since Sarah Everard went missing in South Kent, and she was last seen on a doorbell camera at around 9:30pm after leaving her friend’s house at 9 in a green jacket. Concerned community members can only hope the recent arrest of a Metropolitan police officer will lead to a speedy discovery of Everard.

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