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Unravel the drama of Lavergne Police Department's notorious sex scandal saga. Can they rise, Phoenix-like, from tabloid ashes or will 2024 mark their chilling dissolution?

Uncover the switchback saga of Orlando police officer Alexander Shaouni; from upstanding officer to rogue racer and redemption seeker. Fuel your intrigue and drive into this legal drama.

Catch the unexpected thrill ride in Montgomery County Police Reporter's latest story: a high-speed tractor-trailer pursuit. Texas reality uncensored – meth, chases and all!

Challenge coins are not just a badge, but also a precious souvenir. Especially in the police and military fields, challenge coins carry special historical and cultural value. This

"No Turning Back" is a must-watch for audiences seeking a nuanced and inspiring portrayal of law enforcement in the modern era.

Dealing with a chaotic car accident will be some of the toughest situations of your life. Here's what you should do.

Police brutality has run rampant throughout American history. Here's a closer look at the victims and singular cases.

A Metropolitan police officer was arrested over suspicions he kidnapped a young girl in Kent county of South East England. Here's the scoop.

Dive into the chilling new details on the deadly Nashville Bombing and learn about the action that could have been taken to prevent it.