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Sarah Everard was just walking home when she was kidnapped and murders. Read through the tweets from women who have taken this case to heart.

Why is Sarah Everard’s tragic death causing a stir on Twitter?

It’s an unfortunate fact of being a woman that you have to look at the world in suspicion. You have personal rules about being out at night and plans to make sure you get home safely without being harassed or hurt. The case of Sarah Everard, a young London woman who was kidnapped & murdered while walking home at night, is a familiar tale, but one that has struck a chord with women everywhere.

This was mainly because Sarah Everard did everything right. She wore bright clothing, walked in a well lit area, and was trying to get home before 12 am. She talked to her boyfriend on the phone as she walked, but kept an eye out. Nothing should have happened to her. Now, however, her body was found in Kent and a police officer has been arrested for her murder. 

Women have now took to Twitter, using the hashtag #shewaswalkinghome to discuss the Sarah Everard case. Because it’s really scary. Here was a woman who did everything she was supposed to, yet she was still murdered. Let’s take a look at some of the tweets from that tag.

A tip for users

Emergency SOS is a helpful feature on phones that allows for alerts to be sent from your phone if you’re in danger, and one that most people unfortunately haven’t heard much about. Above, you can see how to use Emergency SOS on your iPhone. In addition, there are various personal safety apps that can be downloaded from the Google Play store if you don’t have an iPhone. 

Everything right

Part of the reason the Sarah Everard case resonates, again, is that she did everything correctly. She walked down a well lit street around 9pm. She was careful. Yet, she was still taken. It just makes you feel so very unsafe.

It’s not on women

Questions people have asked, such as: “why didn’t she call a cab?”, aren’t the issue here. If you can’t expect to get home safe, then what can you expect from the world? Women are doing all that they can, but everyone else needs to open their eyes on the fact that it’s not on women to do everything.

This should not be normal behavior

Women are sharing how messed up it is in regard to the caution that they have to take with making sure they get home safe. And they are right.

A realization

Seriously, though, a woman running alone in the day feels like a risk enough. Add in a night run? It just feels like asking for danger to happen, which is not fair.

All. Too. Common.

Finally, women are sharing their own stories of being harassed and assaulted while walking. This shows that this behavior needs to be corrected. Something needs to be done. And it comes down to educating your sons in order to protect your daughters. 

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