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The holiday season is here and we deserve a getaway! Perhaps your adventurous plans include England? Join us while we explore travel restrictions for the U.K. 

Sarah Everard was just walking home when she was kidnapped and murders. Read through the tweets from women who have taken this case to heart.

Sarah Everard's body was officially found in the woodlands of Kent. Read more on the latest turn in this missing person's turned murder case.

Gambling around the world sounds like fun. Take a look at the top gambling countries and plan your international gambling trip.

COVID-19 vaccines - The light at the end of the tunnel. Learn about vaccines already on the market and those to come.

Of all the things governments are seeking guidance from, we never thought the 'Contagion' film would be one of them. Here's how it's helping the UK.

Another COVID-19 strain has been discovered by researchers at two facilities in California. Why is this strain more dangerous?

'Locked Down' takes place during the pandemic and features well-loved actors like Anne Hathaway. Here's everything to know about the heist movie.

Here are all the reasons why Prime Minister Boris Johnson has made things worse for the UK, earning it the sobriquet “Plague Island”.