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Last year, a fast-food giant became the unlikely target for a group of hackers. Then again, if something like a ransom was their ultimate goal, maybe it isn’t

Love it or hate it, the controversial McRib is back at McDonald's. Celebrate (or protest) the sandwich's 40th anniversary with these hilarious tweets!

Today, thousands of people started their day debating which is better, the egg McMuffin or the sausage McGriddle. See the best tweets on the divisive poll.

Are you a 14-year-old in Oregon looking for their first job? Well then, see how you can apply for a McDonald's job today.

McDonald’s chicken nuggets are taking a backseat to their new cheesy garlic bites. Get to the drive-through and dive into the tweets about them now! 

How far would you go to get your hands on some McDonald's dipping sauce? Find out why one man in Ankeny, Iowa threatened to bomb his local McDonald's.

Chicken nuggets on a shoe? Only the BTS ARMY would do something this crazy. Have you ordered McDonald's signature BTS order yet?

The BTS ARMY'S excitement for their new McDonalds meal has finally been curbed . . . but only for some. Why are some fans upset regarding the new

Wondering why the line is moving slowly at McDonald's? There's a strike going on! Cancel your McFlurry order and learn all about today's McStrike!