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Love it or hate it, the controversial McRib is back at McDonald's. Celebrate (or protest) the sandwich's 40th anniversary with these hilarious tweets!

Celebrate McRib at McDonald’s return for its 40th anniversary

Yes, the McRib at McDonald’s is back. As always, the McCrib is the center of a heated debate about whether the manufactured pork meat sandwich is actually good. Well, we’re here to say that there is nothing wrong with finding comfort in the simple sandwich. However, many Twitter users decided to share their contrasting (not nice) opinion.

As the McRib returns amidst its own 40th anniversary at McDonald’s, Twitter made sure to share how they feel about the titular sandwich option. From ashamed admiration to downright hatred, here are the best tweets about the McRib and its upcoming return at McDonald’s.

It all started here

Clearly, every icon has its haters

Health concerns

Perhaps the McRib does have more cons than pros.

Does anyone remember these?

We don’t but we want them back at McDonald’s ASAP.

Perfect timing

What else can soothe the soul like a McDonald’s McRib?

RIP McDonald’s snack wrap

Can’t we just love both?

Finally, another McRib lover

It’s as if we can’t just celebrate the simple things in life, like the McRib at McDonald’s

Pandemic rerun

Time passes differently during a pandemic.

The shame of loving the McRib

Sue us? We’re just regular, salt-of-the-earth McRib lovers.

McFlurries unofficially discontinued

Oh, you want a McFlurry? Try again in another ten years.

You heard the man

All he wants is a McCrib. Leave him alone. 

Are you pro-McRib? Or are you part of the anti-McRib agenda? Let us know in the comments below!

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