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McDonald’s chicken nuggets are taking a backseat to their new cheesy garlic bites. Get to the drive-through and dive into the tweets about them now! 

Why is Twitter licking its lips? New kind of McDonald’s chicken nuggets

McDonald’s chicken nuggets are taking a backseat today as McDonald’s announces their new cheesy garlic bites. These delicious bites were announced following the success of their amazing mozzarella dippers, showcasing that now cheese is king over at McDonald’s rather than their classic chicken nuggets. 

These new garlic cheese bites will be served in single portions of five or a sharebox, making sure that these dippable bites are a summer sharing treat that you cannot miss out on. 

Of course, Twitter is already pushing the McDonald’s chicken nuggets aside after this announcement. We munched through the threads to find the best reactions to these new cheese bites that are taking the spotlight from the classic McDonald’s chicken nuggets. Get to the drive-through and dive into these reactions to these new cheesy garlic bites. 

Love them 

We’d also love them! Who wouldn’t? 

Best thing ever

Definitely up there on that list

Holy smokes 

They’re hot, hot, hot, so get them fast! 

Oh my! 

Praise be! 

Bring them back 

Well, we have some good news for you . . . . 

No sauce! 

A terrible injustice, truly! 

Can’t stop eating  

Hey, save some for us! 


Take us with you! 

New obsession 

Definitely something we’ll be keeping an eye on . . . . 


Aka everyone’s reaction in a nutshell. 

What are your thoughts on these new cheesy garlic bites from McDonald’s? Drop them below in the comments before they run out!

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