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Today, thousands of people started their day debating which is better, the egg McMuffin or the sausage McGriddle. See the best tweets on the divisive poll.

Why is McDonald’s sausage McGriddle trending on Twitter?

Who knew McDonald’s sausage McGriddle could become the center of such heated discussion. Internet personality Greg Miller first posted the poll between McDonald’s egg McMuffin v. the sausage McGriddle at 11 am today. Now, the McGriddle is currently trending at no. 11 on Twitter and many strong opinions have been voiced.

With the original poll receiving nearly 8,600 votes and sparking countless tweets, the sausage McGriddle has emerged as the triumphant winner. However, after today’s debate, lines were drawn and friends were lost. Check out the best tweets from today’s debate on which is the superior McDonald’s breakfast choice: egg McMuffin or sausage McGriddle?

The poll that started it all

50.7% is still tight, but a win nonetheless for Team McGriddle.

No contest

The McGriddle is the amalgamation of our country’s finest breakfast items.

Absolutely false

The losing McMuffin side of Twitter remains bitter. 

An informative thread

This user made numerous points such as the sausage McGriddle’s deadly fate.


Nothing describes a McMuffin better than dry & powdery.

Sweet & blissful relief

Don’t lie, you had a slight heart palpitation at the thought of no more sausage McGriddles.

Universal toxic trait

No McGriddle is better than the one consumed after an hour-long cardio session.

Refined palate

It’s okay to know exactly what you want.

True tranquility

When you eat a sausage McGriddle, all is right in the world.

McSkillet burrito?

Did that actually exist?

Are you team egg McMuffin or sausage McGriddle? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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