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Tyga King! Why we support Tyga along with Twitter during these challenging times. Just what did Nikita Dragun do to the rapper?

Is Nikita Dragun dating Tyga? Why are fans angry on Twitter?

Poor Tyga. It must be difficult to look back on dating Kylie Jenner and thinking “Man, those were some simpler times.” For those of you who are unaware, Blac Chyna, the baby mama of Rob Kardashian’s child as well as Tyga’s, outed Tyga a few weeks back by claiming that he was into transgenders, a rumor that, if true, should have been kept private out of respect for Tyga until he was ready to share with the world.

Recently, Nikita Dragun, a YouTube singer who declared herself as the world’s first trans pop star, backed these rumors from Blac Chyna by leaking some of her private DM’S with the rapper, posting a video where she claims that Tyga tried to hook up with her, asking for her number while sending his own. This falls on top of a long list of rumors that have been building up the last couple years regarding Tyga’s sexuality. 

It is unfair for anyone in this world to be outed for their sexual preferences, unless of course they’re ready to share. It is very disappointing to see what both Blac Chyna and Nikita Dragun have done, and will surely sour Tyga from moving forward with any interest regarding the two. We support Tyga in this scenario, as does Twitter, a community that’s sharing their reactions regarding this troubling story at rapid-fire. 

Tyga King

Even Squidward is showing some heart for Tyga. 

Nikita Dragun is a hot mess

She’s really asking to be canceled at this point. 

A blurred line

Twitter will have their opinions


Twitter supports Tyga, and so do we! 

Love is love, right?

People should be allowed to privately or openly be into whatever they choose to be into. 


It’s great for celebrity gossip . . . but horrible for humanity. This is a major breach of both honesty & privacy, and Nikita should be ashamed. 


This topic regarding Tyga will obviously be controversial for some Twitter users.

Hidden agenda

Nikita Dragun was playing the long game, here. 

This . . . 

Twitter is blowing up, and it appears that there’s two different sides to this topic. Twitter? Controversial? Who would’ve thought

Back to normal

And then there’s just people who will continue to focus on Tyga’s music, the way it should be.  

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