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OnlyFans has announced they will be pulling porn. Dive into the story and find out where the top creators will go once the platform goes SFW.

Where can you find these top OnlyFans creators now?

2021 continues to get more bonkers with each passing day. The latest shocker coming from the powers that be has to do with a little site called OnlyFans. Pretend all you want, we know you’ve heard of the NSFW platform pulling in massive moolah and directing the cash flow right to its content producers. 

However, OnlyFans had its biggest announcement since its inception last week when the platform told subscribers they were dropping all pornographic material. As people around the world responded with a resounding, “wait, what?”, OnlyFans’s loyal subscribers began to wonder where their favorite content creators would end up. 

We’ve gathered up the top OnlyFans creators and found out where you can find them when OnlyFans closes the curtain on the X-rated stuff. Check out what we’ve found below.

Top creators

International Business Times reported last week that some of the top OnlyFans creators are big stars in their own right. While many amateur performers ditched their day jobs when they found out how lucrative OnlyFans could be, other famous adult, pop, and reality stars hopped on to the site to give themselves another stream of income.

As such, reports say the top five OnlyFans creators with the highest earnings come from the entertainment world, pre-OnlyFans. So who has the highest numbers, and where can we find them once OnlyFans takes all the fun out of their platform?

Mia Khalifa

Unsurprisingly, Mia Khalifa is raking in beaucoup bucks on OnlyFans. The former pornstar has a cult of followers, and they’ve made her the fifth top OnlyFans creator, making over $6 million a month on the platform.

Furthermore, we doubt Khalifa is too bummed about OnlyFans’s recent change – the personality has already been using her OnlyFans for only SFW content (although it’s self-described “spicy”). If Mia drops her OnlyFans entirely, you can still check her out on Instagram @miakhalifa.


Who’d have thought one of the top OnlyFans creators would be Tyga? Not only is the rapper already an established superstar, but also (let’s face it) he’s a dude.

Tyga has been in the rap game for quite some time, and often pops up in the news thanks to his past with Kylie Jenner. Reports say the rapper rakes in a whopping $7.69 million from OnlyFans. Keep an eye out for his new platform, as Forbes reported last week that the rapper has already deleted his OnlyFans and is launching a competing platform “myystar”.

Cardi B

Cardi B is one of the biggest pop stars on the globe right now, but the business-minded beauty couldn’t slip on cashing in on some of that OnlyFans money. We don’t think Cardi has used the platform for its intended purpose, but this hasn’t stopped her from becoming one of the service’s top content creators.

Reports say Cardi B pulls in over $9 million a month from her OnlyFans page. However, when the site drops porn, you can still catch her on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and any major music awards show for at least the next few years. Just Google “Cardi B”, you’ll have too much news to get through.

Bella Thorne

Finally, an actual member of the adult industry! Bella Thorne may have gotten her start in bit movies and singing with Disney, but by 2019 she was directing award-winning porn films, and by 2020 had one of the most successful OnlyFans pages out there.

Reports say Bella Thorne is now the second top content creator on OnlyFans, earning a shocking $11 million per month through the site. When the site, er, changes, you can still catch Bella on Instagram @Bellathorne, @writtenanddirectedbybella, and her site

Blac Chyna

Wow, we can’t say we would have pegged Blac Chyna for number one of OnlyFans top creators, but come to think of it, she makes sense for the top creator. First of all, she is a model with a background in stripping, a perfect fit for the (now formally) adult entertainment platform.

Blac Chyna has made a career out of being eye candy, and the entertainer is damn good at her job. Reports say Blac Chyna pulls in $20 million monthly, and we expect the recent OnlyFans porn drop to affect her wallet greatly. However, when she’s off the site, you can still catch her on Instagram & Twitter @blacchyna and on her site

Who is your favorite OnlyFans creator? Sound off in the comments below!

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