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OnlyFans will be banning pornographic content. Dive into the NSFW memes about the OnlyFans ban.

Why is OnlyFans becoming PG? What do these NSFW memes say?

It’s the death of OnlyFans. The website, which became famous for its sexually explicit content, is moving away from sexually explicit content. That’s, obviously, going to be the death keel of the website. Much like how Tumblr’s own sex banned removed what made a lot of that website so great. What will happen to those in the sex industry who use OnlyFans remains unknown at this time, but hopefully something good will happen.

Either way, people have memes and jokes to tell about the downfall of OnlyFans. So here are some of the best OnlyFans memes that we could dig up on Twitter for you to laugh at. Let’s get steamy with the memes. Be forewarned, OnlyFans may be going PG but this content is NSFW. 



He misses his sense of humor. Much like how he misses a G-spot. 


Pour one out

How do you explain that in a job interview? 


Is this a kink, OnlyFans executives?

Look if they wanted to get f***ed, then there are more ways to do it.


Sugar daddy sites are about to see an increase

What happens to the thots when the money isn’t coming in?


Suggestions abound

Always keep on hoeing. 


Bye porn

But still, it’s kind of awful that it’s happening.


Ah the hypocrites

But yeah it’s definitely a double standard of hypocrisy up in here.



Hope that money has been invested well!



Burn! Snap!


Looks like

Investors apparently do be like that.

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