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Youtuber and beauty influencer Bretman Rock will be the first gay male model for 'Playboy'. See how this twenty-three-year-old is making 'Playboy' history.

Tyga King! Why we support Tyga along with Twitter during these challenging times. Just what did Nikita Dragun do to the rapper?

Taylor Caniff has been under fire recently for misgendering Nikita Dragun and referring to her as a boy. Take a look at the awful incident now.

TikTok stars Nikita Dragun and James Charles have been making headlines recently for all the wrong reasons. What's going on with these influencers?

Being TikTok famous apparently comes with a price. The Hype House is know getting a Netflix reality show. Should these members get cancelled instead?

YouTube influencer fights: always nasty, always entertaining. Put your gloves on and step into the ring with Trisha Paytas and Nikita Dragun!

Even as we’re living through a global pandemic, the priority to party hasn't changed for social media influencers. Here's what we know.