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Jill Biden has become the only first lady to work a full-time job outside of the White House. Read how she returns to her lifelong passion for education.

News has been reported that the position to be the neighbor of Joe Biden is now up for grabs. Pull back the drapes and look inside this beautiful

Jill Biden graced the cover of Vogue in a tell-all interview about education and more. Peek at the glamorous cover here.

Happy 70th birthday, First Lady Jill Biden! How is President Joe Biden helping his wife celebrate her birthday? A beach trip! Age truly is just a number.

Joe Biden and wife Jill Biden visited their friends Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter, but the internet can't help but make a few jokes. Check out the memes here.

The White House is out of dogs again as Biden had to send his packing. Dig deeper into the biting incident and what might happen next.

After implementing policies about wearing masks, Joe Biden was pictured maskless. Delve into the controversy right here.

Is "Sleepy Joe" actually "Joe Moneybags"? Joe Biden has no trouble showing his tax returns, so it's pretty easy to calculate his net worth. Find it here!

How exactly has our presumptive president-elect Joe Biden accumulated his net worth? Let’s take a look at his career and find out.