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After implementing policies about wearing masks, Joe Biden was pictured maskless. Delve into the controversy right here.

Is Joe Biden already violating his own policies? Why he’s under fire

Joe Biden hasn’t spent a full week in the White House, but already the Democrat is under scrutiny for potentially breaking one of his own COVID-19 policies.

According to Just the News, the White House press secretary was asked why Joe Biden, after being sworn in as President of the United States, was recently pictured without a mask in front of Lincoln Memorial during the inaugural event. 

At said event, Joe Biden had previously worn masks and ordered those around him to keep their masks while remaining on federal property. So on Thursday, January 21st, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was asked why President Joe Biden was found “maskless” at the Lincoln Memorial. 

Joe Biden’s first policy

The mask policy was one of the first policies that President Joe Biden implemented when he came into power. Biden stated that to slow the spread of COVID-19, he has decided to act in accordance with data & science-based public health measures which support wearing masks. 

Joe Biden’s administration has agreed to implement wearing masks when around others, physical distancing, and other related precautions recommended by the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC). The new health measures specifically include wearing masks within communities to save lives. 

The White House government confirmed that those who happen to “interact with the Federal workforce” have to make sure they’re wearing masks, adhering to public health measures, and maintaining a safe distance. 

Biden’s other policies

Joe Biden also made many other COVID-19 policies, including an executive order entitled “Immediate Action Regarding Federal Employees, Contractors, Buildings, and Lands”. This policy enforced that the head of all executive departments will take action in regards to maintaining strict COVID-19 safety regulations. 

Biden’s administration also encouraged all Americans to wear masks whether they’re a “business, union, or academic”. Biden’s policy statement enforces a strict guideline with a goal of “maximizing public compliance”, yet recently the President was caught not abiding by his own policies.

Caught in the act

According to Just the News, Biden was celebrating the inauguration and signed the new mask mandate “because it’s a way to send a message to the American public about the importance of wearing masks, how it can save tens of thousands of lives.” But Jen Psaki quickly told the White House press that “we have bigger issues to worry about” than the President maskless with his family.

In footage from CSPAN, we saw Joe Biden standing near the Lincoln memorial completely maskless while staring at the view. Just the News reported Biden was also actually seen near journalists without a face mask. 

Maskless event 

Though many pictures of Joe Biden were seen without his mask on, some family members had multiple masked & maskless moments. A tweet by Jennifer Epstein depicted Biden’s family posing for a picture together with their masks off, and suddenly when Biden & his wife Dr. Jill Biden arrived, their masks were back on. Strange

Common sense

Joe Biden stated he believes following the CDC health & safety guidelines are actually common sense. Politico described Jen Psaki explaining Biden’s recent COVID-19 policies: “We take a number of COVID precautions, as you know here, in terms of testing, social distancing, mask wearing ourselves, as we do every single day.”

Per Politico, Joe Biden stated his policies aren’t a “political statement”; they’re “a patriotic act”.

Travel policy

One of Joe Biden’s newest health policies are focused on a ban against any travel from the UK, European Union, Brazil, and South Africa. Since Donald Trump lifted travel restrictions just before he left the White House, Joe Biden is keen to put that travel ban back immediately. 

According to Sky News, Biden will also introduce a travel ban against those who arrive from South Africa.  The principal director of the Center of Disease Control (CDC), Dr. Anne Schuchat stated: “We are adding South Africa to the restricted list because of the concerning variant present that has already spread beyond South Africa.”

Do you think Joe Biden should explain his maskless moment at the Lincoln memorial? Let us know in the comments below. 

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  • The president is putting travel restrictions back that Trump removed bit he doesn’t have a problem letting all those illegal immigrants March right on in what kind of ignorance is that ,oh sorry democrats and their double standard and hypocrisy can’t wait until 2022

    January 24, 2021

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