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Happy 70th birthday, First Lady Jill Biden! How is President Joe Biden helping his wife celebrate her birthday? A beach trip! Age truly is just a number.

Happy Birthday Jill Biden: The First Lady looks nothing like her age now

Joe & Jill left Capitol Hill to fetch some relaxation! It certainly appears as if President Joe Biden knows how to treat his lady right, as the pair have reportedly fled to their Delaware beach home to celebrate the first lady’s seventieth birthday, a milestone event which saw the president take off from his duties in Washington DC and meet his wife at their Rehoboth home late Wednesday night. 

The Bidens, who are expected to return to the White House on Friday, have seemingly taken a rare midweek vacation to celebrate Jill Biden’s birthday, admitting that they haven’t actually spent any time at their Delaware home since Biden’s presidential  inauguration last January. Jill Biden, who will tell you that she prefers going by Dr. Jill Biden, just wrapped up teaching virtually at Northern Virginia Community College.

“Teaching is not what Jill does. Teaching is who she is,” Biden said last week, echoing his wife’s own description of herself. “And she’s done it her whole adult life, and she’s still doing it.” It’s hard to believe that we have a first lady who is seventy years old; however, you wouldn’t know it by looking at Jill Biden, who looks as youthful as ever. 

A Biden getaway

President Biden and his wife of nearly forty-four years Dr. Jill Biden first purchased this Delaware beach home back in 2017 for a whopping $2.7 million. Of course, his net worth was boosted quite a bit after receiving a multi-book deal worth an estimated $8 million, a deal that he had signed just after leaving the office as vice president alongside Barack Obama. Now we know how he was able to afford this beautiful getaway spot.

The Rehoboth beach house, which is only a few blocks away from the Atlantic Ocean, features a large swimming pool that overlooks Cape Henlopen State Park, where the president’s helicopter landed late on Wednesday night to celebrate his wife’s birthday.  She had been reportedly waiting for her husband at their beach home only a few days prior. 

Jill Biden even mentioned to Vogue magazine how her husband had promised her that “when I write my book, I’ll buy you a beach house. I wanted it to be the kind of place where you can come in in your wet bathing suit and bare feet and I can just take the broom and brush out the sand,” she told Vogue for the March 2020 article. “And that’s what this is. Everything’s easy.”

What’s her age again?

We consider this birthday beach weekend to be the kick-off to Jill Biden’s summer vacation, who announced that she does not plan on teaching virtual courses this summer. Can you blame her? Turning seventy years old is a huge milestone, and the fact that she looks as young and as healthy as she does is a testament to how well she takes care of herself. This is true for anyone turning the age of seventy, let alone the first lady of the United States, a title that has aged many women in the past due to the stress.  

Of course, Jill Biden is known for being active as well as an advocate for physical health, much like Michelle Obama. Her and her husband were even both seen on Thursday bicycling around their beach home’s neighborhood, proving that POTUS & FLOTUS enjoy a bit of a sweat, outside of the sweat they receive from the national public given political ideals. 

Happy birthday, Jill Biden! Here’s hoping that Joe treats you well and makes your seventieth birthday one to remember. 

What are your birthday wishes for the First Lady Jill Biden? Do you agree that she looks great for her age? Do you think it’s appropriate that President Joe Biden has stepped away from the White House and gone off to his beach house in Delaware given the current global pandemic? Comment below and let us know your thoughts.

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  • I liked this article, now I want to know more. It lead to a great conversation: You say you don’t think she looks 70? What age does she look to you? I would say she appears to be healthy and happy…good for her. Better it would be to know more about her character and experiences, how she relates to those around her, than a number “age70” and her expensive possessions”$2.7 million dollar beach house”. And what is she a doctor of? Healing people is an awesome and admirable vocation, it should be celebrated!

    June 5, 2021

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