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Joe Biden loooooooooves ice cream. Is there anything more American than that? Start the summer by admiring how our president handles all sorts of scoops!

Joe Biden’s match made in heaven is ice cream: See these iconic photos

Everybody has a vice (some of us have more than one), and President Joe Biden seems to be all about ice cream. If you ask us, as long as the prez isn’t lactose intolerant, there are worse addictions to succumb to. But, to be fair, we love ice cream too. So a U.S. president who has a soft spot for soft serve is certainly going to vibe with our sensibilities.

There was a recent sort of tantrum from one side of the media criticizing the other side for giving too much attention to Joe Biden and his delicious obsession. Look, we get it. There are a lot of issues far more important than what flavor the president prefers on his cones. But we can worry about that and also appreciate the way the leader of our country just absolutely loves to support local ice cream parlors.

With that in mind, here’s something that will make some people grind their teeth and others squeal in delight: a “Joe Biden eats ice cream” gallery. Enjoy!


Look at the awe in that face. Joe Biden might be our president, but this picture makes it clear that ice cream reigns supreme.


There’s our president, facing a crowd of onlookers, not an ounce of shame about his weakness for ice cream. That smile says it all.


Real ice cream pros can handle their cones and walk at the same time.


Being devoted to ice cream doesn’t mean you can’t pay attention to someone else. In fact, Joe Biden is so experienced when it comes to eating ice cream, the whole thing is second nature for him at this point. 


Check out our president, surrounded by other ice cream lovers. Does he ever look so happy anywhere else?


We can’t be the only ones getting some slight Karen vibes from the leader of the free world in this photo? Is he unhappy with the flavor? The texture? The price?


Sometimes a guy just wants to be alone with his ice cream, you know? Unfortunately, when you’re the President of the United States, your privacy is gone. That woman in the background is probably an undercover Secret Service agent.


Okay, now it’s getting a little gross.


Double fisting like a b-o-s-s. What’s better than Joe Biden with an ice cream cone? How about Joe Biden with two ice cream cones?


We can only hope this piece makes it to an official White House portrait and becomes part of White House tours for all eternity. Our last president had Diet Cokes, this president has ice cream.

How do you feel about Joe Biden’s relationship with ice cream? Let us know in the comments!

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