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Donald Trump is back and we've got memes commenting on his triumphant return from impeachment number two! Feast on this Trumpian celebration!

Donald Trump appears in public again and the memes are on fire

Donald Trump left Twitter a little over a month ago (left/was-kicked-out – tomato/tomahto) but his spirit has lived on in the social media platform thanks to memes. You can ban Donald Trump, Twitter, but you can’t ban Donald Trump memes! – at least not yet. The funny pictures & outrageous captions are the next best thing to Trump’s actual Twitter rants.

Well, Donald Trump is back, baby! No, not on Twitter, don’t be silly. Trump is back on the streets, back in the public eye, back from impeachment exile! This Monday, the former president waved at hundreds of MAGA devotees rallying outside Mar-a-Lago, celebrating his acquittal.

You know what this means. It’s time for another Donald Trump memes round-up!

Big cup

The Impeachment Cup is a hidden achievement in Mario Kart.

What does the fox say?

We don’t know about you, but if there’s a koala stopping traffic, we definitely want to know about it.

Choosing wisely

What an awe-inspiring Donald Trump meme. Turns out Indiana Jones’s crusade wasn’t the last one.

No dictation?

Let’s be honest: the book would just be a collection of Donald Trump memes.

Eat fresh

The Impeachment Sub is a secret menu item.


Not sure if there are as many Palpatine memes as there are Donald Trump memes but the crossover possibilities are fascinating.

He did the thing

We could probably dedicate three full articles to the Donald Trump dance. So don’t test us!

Oddly existential

We’re not used to Donald Trump memes having this artsy look. It’s a little unsettling, to be honest.

Mitches get stitches

Replace “Guilty!” with “Innocent!” and the meme still works!

Does whatever a RINO can

Legit geeking-out over Romney & McConnell becoming Spidey supervillains. And they didn’t even have to vote the same way on Trump’s impeachment trial!


There’s no law that says Donald Trump memes can’t be eye candy.


DiCaprio meme meets Donald Trump meme meets . . .  Jesus???

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