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As the Taliban's reign continues, many question if President Joe Biden can truly evacuate all U.S. citizens from Afghanistan. Does he deserve impeachment?

The 2020 Census results are finally in, and already, states are gaining and losing representation. Find out if your state is gaining or losing a House seat here.

Donald Trump is back and we've got memes commenting on his triumphant return from impeachment number two! Feast on this Trumpian celebration!

QAnon is known for spreading their easily debunked rhetoric all over the web. Find out what QAnon has to say about the impeachment trial news here.

America's Speaker of the House has had quite an eventful year in government. Laugh along as we look back at all the best Nancy Pelosi memes.

The long-awaited stimulus check rides at last! Laugh until you cry about these high key relatable memes on the internet with the pay out.

Georgia had to perform not just one, but two runoffs. Here's what we know about the results for the election.

The Joe Biden rally in Georgia will be a deciding factor in the hotly contested runoff that will decide control of the U.S. Senate. Will democracy win?