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Are you standing in GameStop trying to decide between the Nintendo Switch vs Lite? Read all the pros and cons between the two video game systems.

Nintendo Switch vs Switch Lite: What’s the difference between the consoles?

No matter if you’re an adult buying for a child or yourself, trying to decide between the Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite is a difficult decision. There are always small differences between different versions of the same console. The new generation of the PlayStation and Xbox are separate by the ability to play discs or not. 

A good thing about the Switch Lite is that it still has WiFi meaning you can connect and play games with your friends on either the Switch or the Lite version. The internet speed will be the same on both devices so it will depend on your own home internet provider. You can find the best fibre optic deals for gaming which will improve your internet speeds.

The Nintendo Switch is the first console with the ability to be played on your TV and on the go. It leads to a lot of confusion between the two Nintendo consoles. Both consoles have pros and cons, and deciding between the two can be tricky. But, it comes down to a few key things. 

Your entertainment setup

Calling the Nintendo Switch Lite a console is kind of a misnomer. It is a handheld only. It’s probably the most significant difference between the two systems. It’s why they’ve priced them $100 apart. 

Where you need to think about the Nintendo Switch vs Lite is in your entertainment system. If you can fit one more HDMI connector to your TV, by all means, pay the extra $100 for the interchangeability. If you can’t, don’t waste your money on it. 

The games

Most games that are for the Nintendo Switch are compatible with the Nintendo Switch Lite. Nintendo made it super simple to figure out which games are compatible with a little Switch symbol on the game’s packaging or on the Nintendo eShop. These games are usually the ones that require players to hold the controller horizontally. If you want to play any incompatible games, you need to buy the wireless controllers separately. 

First person shooters are the one genre, regardless of their compatibility, that is 100% better on the TV over the small screen the Switch. Games like Call of Duty and Battlefield aren’t on the Switch. However, other popular games like Fortnite, BioShock, Warface, and Borderlands are. They work on the Switch handheld, but it’s 100% better on the TV. If these are the games you want to play, buy the Nintendo Switch. 

Playing with friends

Both systems can connect to Nintendo Switch Online. For those who don’t know, Nintendo Switch Online is Nintendo’s version of PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live. The service is optional but allows you to play online with friends. Some games like Fortnite don’t require the service but check before you buy the game. 

If you’re going to play Jackbox Party Packs, Mario Kart, Super Smash, or Mario Party with friends, the Nintendo Switch is the way to go. The Nintendo Switch Lite is only handheld, so there is no TV connection and no handheld mode. You can’t detach the controllers and flip them around to play with friends. However, there is still local wireless play, and it can work between the Switch and Switch Lite if multiple friends own one. 


While the Nintendo Switch might seem to beat the Switch Lite in every category we’ve put forward, it all comes down to your needs. These are the Switch Lite’s biggest limitations when comparing the two systems. It’s why Nintendo called it the Switch Lite. It’s a paired down version of the console for those who want to take the experience solely on the road

But what do you think? Is there a reason you bought one system over the other? Let us know in the comments.

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