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News has been reported that the position to be the neighbor of Joe Biden is now up for grabs. Pull back the drapes and look inside this beautiful home.

Will you be Joe Biden’s neighbor for $2.4 million? Get the latest news

News has been reported that the position to be the neighbor of Joe Biden is now up for grabs. What does it take to meet the requirements though? Just 2.4 million dollars, of course. A property next to Joe and Jill Biden’s custom-built house in Wilmington, Delaware, has been listed. Folks are now scrambling to claim the property that is now up-for-grabs. Read on if you’re interested in being the Bidens’ new next door neighbor. 

Oh, won’t you be my neighbor? 

Looking to live right next door to Joe and Jill Biden now that news has spread about a house next to theirs being available for purchase? Well, you’re certainly not alone. Since the listing of the Wilmington, Delaware property was posted on Monday for a hefty price of $2.39 million according to, people from all over the world have been scrambling to schedule tours, calling their realtors, and trying to claim the home. 

The property is one that is right next to the home of Joe and Jill Biden, which is a custom-built three-bedroom, four-and-a-half-bathroom property, so of course people are excited to hear this news. However, how likely is it that you’ll actually see the current President at this site? Joe Biden also owns a beach house in Delaware, but of course he is currently in the White House, where he actually spent this past holiday weekend at. 

News outlets have also reported that Joe Biden purchased the home in Wilmington, Delaware for $350,000 all the way back in 1998. While that may sound fairly cheap today, it’s now obviously worth a lot more than its original price. The property, which includes a gorgeous 6,850 square foot mansion, is currently estimated to be worth at least two million dollars according to the Wall Street Journal. Dang, that’s impressive. 

A peek inside 

Living next to Joe and Jill Biden can surely give whoever their future neighbor is all the inside scoop and news on their lives. The neighboring mansion that is currently up for sale is also over twenty-five percent larger than the President’s house, as it contains two more bedrooms along with one more extra bathroom, according to Nice! Who else can say that they’ve one-upped the President of the United States of America? 

The listed property has five bedrooms and five-and-a-half bathrooms in total and makes up to 8,7000 square feet in total. However, the listing broker did mention that when Biden is in the area, there are security checkpoints that will prevent unauthorized guests from being nearby, so this can interrupt residents every now and then. However, looking at pictures of the property, it is absolutely gorgeous. 

Broker Michael Kelczewski of Brandywine Fine Properties Sotheby’s International told The Post that “I really appreciate the French architecture. It is an unusual style for the area, which is usually in the Colonial style”. The property has two stories along with nine six-panel windows with green shutters and a hipped roof that is visible from the entrance of the house. 

Some other notable features of the beautiful area is the Brazilian cherry hardwood finishes at the entryway with cathedral ceilings and wainscoting. There is also a marble fireplace in the living room and a gorgeous crystal chandelier. The dining room also has another crystal chandelier with a decorative fireplace. There is also a country-inspired kitchen with a breakfast room, a homework area, and a bar with seating. Lavish!

Michael Kelczewski also mentioned: “I’ve spoken to neighbors, and the only issue with that is there are occasionally unannounced transits where they shut down everything and you can’t leave the property, so I can see that being somewhat of an encumbrance. But I think [the proximity to President Biden] is a selling point”. After all, Kelczewski claimed that many folks have already begun requesting tours of the listed property. 

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