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Don't waste your time watching these T.V. shows. Here's a list of what not to watch on Netflix, be wise and avoid these cringy series.

There's tension floating around amongst TikTok stars. Is Netflix's 'Hype House' trying to warn us about the evils of fame? Join us on the exploration!

Both controversial and wildly popular, TikTok influencers Tana Mongeau and Bryce Hall continue to spark dating rumors. Is any of it true?

The new TikTok influencer-based series 'Hype House' has its fate in the balance. Dive into the TikTok based show and the latest set of allegations.

TikTok stars Nikita Dragun and James Charles have been making headlines recently for all the wrong reasons. What's going on with these influencers?

The Princess of TikTok has amassed over 100 million loyal followers on the app. Find out just how high the net worth of Charli D'Amelio is here.

TikTok's Lopez Brothers have returned and Twitter is not that happy. Read on to find out why they want Tony Lopez cancelled for good.

Now, the Lopez Brothers have been caught red handed in the recent allegations surrounding the Hype House. Let’s take a look.

Are the Lopez Brothers ready for this challenge? The TikTok duo just got hit with serious sexual allegations. Here's everything we know about the claims.