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TikTok's Lopez Brothers have returned and Twitter is not that happy. Read on to find out why they want Tony Lopez cancelled for good.

The Lopez Brothers are back on TikTok: Fans speak up about their return

People love a good scandal. Well everyone except the people involved in it. It’s a fascination that can probably be dated back to seeing a trainwreck in real time. Of course, when the scandal involves someone accused of sexual battery & emotional distress it’s less of enjoying the trainwreck, and more wanting the person to be punted off the face of the Earth.

Dancing duo the Lopez Brothers, Tony & Ondreaz Lopez, are members of the TikTok Hype House. Currently, they have millions of subscribers to their TikTok of challenges & dance videos. They each have their own personal TikToks with their own individual dance routines and their girlfriends on them. This changed, however, when Tony Lopez of the Lopez Brothers was accused of sexual battery & emotional distress.

In addition to the lawsuit, Tony Lopez was accused of sending sexually explicit messages to underage girls in 2020. One video he sent went viral with people nicknaming him helicopter. After a not genuine apology, he released merch with a helicopter on it. Wow. That’s a Paul brother move, Lopez Brothers. As for the lawsuit? Lopez plans on fighting it, of course, and denies everything it alleges.

Now, the Lopez Brothers are back with a new video. Twitter has some thoughts on it.

Well it didn’t help 

We’re not sure if he’s the only reason, but this member of the Lopez Brothers definitely didn’t help

We do not know

Good question! Someone should see why Tony Lopez is not in trouble yet. Where are the police?

Petty but valid

Listen if he can’t get in trouble with the law, then we can make life difficult by calling him Toenail.

Let’s just cancel the Lopez Brothers?

This is why cancel culture was invented before it got so freakin’ toxic

Ban the Lopez Brothers! 

Listen, it took Twitter how long to ban Trump? It’s just what the world is, but yeah ban them. 

Everyone is so confused & angry

People really don’t want the content, TikTok. Stop giving it to them.

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