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The latest news concerning Donald Trump comes from a new book that unveils the behind-the-scenes mayhem in the White House after Trump lost the election.

Did Melania Trump refuse to call for peace on Twitter as insurrectionists stormed the Capitol? Dive into the incendiary allegations right here!

It’s official. Earlier today, former President Donald Trump filed suits against Big Tech companies. See how Facebook and Twitter CEOs have reacted.

The Parler app is back on Apple. Check out its new rules and regulations and see if it will be available on Google or Amazon in the future.

Could more predictions from 'The Simpsons' have you screaming "Simpsons did it" soon? Here's why the long-running show is still predicting the future.

Stacey Dash had an iconic role in the classic 'Clueless', but did she take that role a little too seriously? Find out her shocking political views here.

Law enforcement is preparing for a second Capitol attack during Joe Biden's first speech to Congress. Read about the new intelligence and security measures.